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Thread: Serious Question: How often do you have to pee? (continent or not)

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    Red face Serious Question: How often do you have to pee? (continent or not)

    Just curious... I was wondering how often in the day both the "perfectly continent" people and those who may have like urge incontinence or overactive bladder or something may have to go. I'm not even sure what is normal, lol. Just my curiosity got the best of me, and I was wondering how often other people need to go. I usually have to go every 1/2hr-3hrs but when it acts up or I drink too much/have spicy foods/etc., I may have to go every 10 minutes lol. Of course that's not including the dribbling that goes along normally... And I honestly couldn't tell you how many times I've gone when I'm asleep. lol, but usually at least once whether I wake up or not.

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    Usually around every hour. If I've been staying hydrated, every 45 minutes.

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    im honestly not really sure, i know right now ive been going at least every 2-3 hours because im sick but on a regular day sometimes its more like 5 hours till i can go but thats more of the case of i cant stop to go use the bathroom

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    About once an hour, when normally hydrated. Sometimes it makes it hard to sleep.

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    I think my normal day will fall in the every 4 to 5 hour range. Never really ran a stopwatch to know for sure, lol.

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    During the day I take in a lot of liquid, and find myself using the bathroom about every 1.5 hours or so.


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    About 2-3 times per day. Maybe more if I drink copious amounts of alcoholic beverages of a pleasurable nature.

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    I'm not too sure ^^ about 3-5 times a day depending on how much I've had to drink. I haven't kept track on that!

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    It really depends on whether or not I'm keeping myself hydrated. I have a dangerous habit of not drinking any water and sometimes not eating for upwards of 6-8 hours at a time. On those days, I might go two or three times.

    On the occasions that I'm doing things right, I usually have to go about an hour after drinking water. The most times would possibly be five or six in a day.

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    It depends on hydration and level of activity but it clocks in about once every ten to twelve hours, which comes out to twice a day. If I wasn't drinking much, once a day would be more likely.

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