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    Hi everyone!

    Here to search for answers. I'm pretty private and cautious. Maybe paranoid.

    Many thanks.

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    First off, welcome to ADISC. Secondly, a more indepth introduction would be nice. (not trying to be mean) Like, what are you hobbies besides being an AB, or are you a DL? Anyways making a long introduction my seem annoying at first, but it is actually a very important step to becoming a well-recognized part of the AB/DL community.

    Again, welcome to the site!

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    Welcome BlueBubbleGum, to adisc.
    There is no reason to be paranoid here, I can guarantee you we will help you to the best of our ability in helping you find answers. And it does help us to know a little about yourself before we can start helping. Could you share something with us so we might be able to get to know a little more? Maybe you can share a your hobbie or two ?

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    Hi there BlueBubbleGum,
    and welcome to Adisc, it's also nice to welcome another UK member. You say you are searching for answers, but then don't ask any questions! and whilst Adisc members are good, I don't think we have any telepaths listed under members.

    Your intro is also a little (well a lot actually) on the thin size, I know it can be a daunting prospect to give out deatils about yourself, especially if you are new to being a AB/DL or whatever it is that you are. But if you can give us some ideas about things like, hobbies (what sort of extreme sports?), interests, favourite music, books, movies, are you married, dating, still at school, college, uni or working, how old are you? and what is your particular fetish. If that doesn't give you some ideas then have a look at for some more. Adisc is a community anad we tend to read the intro's to see if you have annything in common. If you just give us an "Hi, I'm searching for answers" it's difficult to tell if you are worth talking to. over.

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