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Thread: Active Ultra Plus Briefs from Bambino Review

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    Default Active Ultra Plus Briefs from Bambino Review

    Since I have some alone time (first time in months), I decided to go ahead and order some more diapers from Bambino. Since there is yet to be a review of their new Active Ultra Plus Briefs (AUP), I went ahead and ordered a sample pack. I also ordered a sample of Biancos to compare it to, so you will find quite a few comparisons to them. (I wanted to get some more anyways.) I have also taken [somewhat] nice pictures for your viewing pleasure, but you will NOT see me in any of them (just my shadow) because I'm hairy and no one wants to see that, I'm not very photogenic anyways.

    Upon tearing open my mail I did not initially see much of a difference between the AUP and the Bianco, but upon further inspection the differences become clear. The landing strip certainly is interesting as it appears to be a plastic strip with a bunch of loops glued to it (hence the hook and loop system). The tapes are MUCH wider than the ones on the Biancos. The plastic shell feels almost exactly the same as the plastic shell on the other diapers Bambino offers. Other features include leg cuffs and also an elastic waistband; although the waistband isn't very stretchy to begin with. There IS a wetness indicator, but it is not easily apparent unless you are looking for it.(You probably cannot see it in the pictures, but it's there). Folded up, the diaper looks to be somewhat thinner than a Bambino, but not by much.
    Upon opening up the diaper the differences between the AUPs and the Bianco become a little more clear. There is a blue absorbent core in the middle, but the rest of the diaper appears much the same as the Bianco. The material also feels somewhat stiffer and rougher than the material in a Bianco. However, I'm willing to chalk that up to packaging as it seems to 'fluff up' a little bit with a little handling. Overall, this looks promising.

    Physically the diaper is only slightly smaller than the other product lines, but only slightly so. So small size wearers are still out of luck as there is no size small offered and the AUP will NOT bridge that gap very much (if at all). At first I was a little apprehensive of the taping system, but that fear was quickly put to rest with a little jog. Not only do these tapes hold extremely well, they also stand up to multiple refastening quite well. By the time I went to bed, I had readjusted one tape at least four times, and I could tell it was losing some strength, but it still held strong through the night.

    For me, the best time to test a diapers absorbancy performance is early in the morning; and that's just what I did. Just like the other diapers Bambino offers, will easily take the first flood without a problem. Beyond that, you do need to be a bit careful, but not overly so as this diaper appears to have a near identical capacity as the Biancos.

    Aside from a few minor differences, with the biggest one being the taping system, this diaper is a great diaper to be had, but cost a little more if you order two bags (strangely, there is no price difference if you order a case). The blue absorbent core and somewhat faint wetness indicator may affect it's desirability towards some AB/DLs out there. Overall this diaper performs identically to the other products that Bambino offers and feels very much the same as well.

    Pros (fried chicken)
    -All white
    -hard to see wetness indicator
    -very strong tapes
    -tapes can be refastened many times
    -absorbancy nearly identical to the Biancos

    Cons (burnt chicken)
    -there IS a wetness indicator (at least on the ones I got)
    -appears to be of lesser quality, but only slightly so (hard to tell)
    -no small size for those who want them
    -blue absorbant core and wetness indicator may dissuade some

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Sorry the pictures are kind of big. I hope this helps many who are looking for more information before ordering their own.
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    I've gone through most of a case of these. The only real drawback is that the tapes tend to fail after a while. Not a problem if you're wearing pants over them, but if I'm sleeping in nothing but the diaper at night, more often than not in the morning it won't hold up.

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    It sounds more like another review of the Active Ultra Plus, the Active Ultra has white/blue tapes (not hook/loop) like Abena's. It is also probably closer in dry thickness to the Biancos. Wearing alternating days and even weighing the AUP vs. AU's the weight is the same. AU's seem to wick much better. There is also another post in the Incontinence section where the XL are for sale for $50/case and the Active Ultras (all sizes) for about $48-50. Much cheaper than the Bambino site. The delivery to Houston is 4-5 days. Also, of all the multiple cases I have bought there seems to be some with the blue wicking strip and some without. The very faint indicator has been on all of them.

    The tapes (usually the bottom right) that seemed to have issues with the 1/4" strip popping off was addressed in the previous thread about them. Tape the lower ones at a slightly upward angle and not where the leg crease is when you are sitting. This puts a lot more pressure on it. Also, the waist tapes shouldn't be in the tight sitting crease. If they are placed in the area that is more flat you can wear them all day working hard in heat and sleep all night without them popping. Just takes some getting used to.

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    Cases of the Active Plus go for $50 on eBay - a much better deal than paying Bambino's markup.

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    That is on ebay, and sales on ebay do not last very long compared to a product that is being sold by a retailer or supplier. Thus, while perfectly valid right now, your arguments will be made irrelevant within a foreseeable future. Moreover, The prices of AUPs are actually marked down when compared to Secure Personal Care's site. These also DO have the Velcro-like (hook and loop) tapes; I even provided pictures (admittedly which don't illustrate that feature too well).

    Please I'm trying to help out here. I looked through the articles and saw that there was no review of these to be found, so I decided to review them. People on this forum desire quality reviews, and that is what I am trying to do.

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    Entity, I wasn't criticizing you or making an argument but pointing out the AUP and AU are 2 different diapers. The Plus has hook/loop while the Ultra's are much thinner with sticky tapes. You were only saying Active Ultra and mentioning hook and loop. That could be confusing in a review if someone orders exactly what you said and they get something very different.

    The mention of ebay and these diapers has been addressed before and the available quantities of each for much cheaper (to save people money while supplies last before spending more) *and a little review of the Active Ultras (not hook and loop) Here. The link given is for the limited supply but there is another supplier that carries the daytime Active Ultras and is not 'limited quantities'.

    I understand you are posting a review and they are always welcome! Here are some other posts with multiple user reviews of them you couldn't find. They are found through the search function *and at the bottom of this thread*:

    Here *note Trevor's post*
    and here. There is just about everything said about these diapers including faults and resolutions, posts from the original supplier and a quote from the owner of XPMedical who helped design them.

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    Oh, well ok. I'll edit my review to reflect/clarify that I am reviewing the Active Ultra Plus. Thank you for pointing that out.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm also pretty sure Secure Personal Care makes them [AUPs].

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity View Post
    Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm also pretty sure Secure Personal Care makes them [AUPs].
    Well, I don't know for sure but from the talks I've had with the suppliers and one of the developers I am under the impression it is a different company. That info they wouldn't release. I do have some of the original shipped cases with some info I noticed but I haven't thought to look into it. Does your case of Secure's have overseas info printed anywhere?

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    I do not have any Secure's to speak of; I only used their site as a price comparison. That was also the only other site I could find that sold the AUPs. Sorry if I misled you in any way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Entity View Post
    I do not have any Secure's to speak of; I only used their site as a price comparison. That was also the only other site I could find that sold the AUPs. Sorry if I misled you in any way.
    Do you have the shipping case from Bambino?

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