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Thread: My friend is joining the US Army.

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    Default My friend is joining the US Army.

    I got a call from my friend today. He said that he would have to return the three magazines for my AR-15(Long story) to me with-in the next couple of months because he is joining the US Army. I thought it was really strange because for the past six months, all he has talked about was going to the police academy and becoming a police officer. When I asked him why he was joining the Army instead of going to the police academy, he said it was because he broke up with his girlfriend(I didn't ask why, I think maybe I should have), and he didn't see a point in making $40,000 a year because it was just going to be him.

    He is my best friend. Sure, we have had a couple of fights, one of which ended with up not speaking for a month or so. I'm really worried that he is joining the military for the wrong reasons. When I asked him why he was joining the Army, instead of one of the other branches, he said it was because he had a better chance of dying. Whwn I asked him if he wanted to die, he said he really didn't care anymore.

    I don't know what to do. I don't have a problem with him joining the military, I just think he is joining for the wrong reasons. I really do think that he will regret this descision one day.

    I'm asking for your opinions. I don't think anything I say will change his mind, but I am willing to try anything at this point.

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    You should talk to him about it...But once you sign up, I don't think you can quit really...But I could be wrong...I don't pay that much attention to war stuff *shrug*

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    If he hasen't joined the army yet, he still has a chance to change his mind, but if he gets himself in it, it will be hard to get out. I think you should try to talk to him about counseling (an amazing hard subject to approach anyone about). I would hate to see him come home w/ PTSD (alot of our soldiers are) or not come home at all. I'm sorry, this must be hard for you.

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    I would hate to see your friend joining the Army for this reason too. Joining the military should be a honorable and dignified thing to do. I spent 20 years serving this country and don't regret 1 minute of it. I was a Recruiter for a while when I was in. I would hope they the Doctors at the MEPS(Military Entrance Processing Station) or his Recruiter would see that your friend might be depressed and not let him join right now. I while I was in was always taught that give the other guy(the enemy)the opportunity to die for his country. Good luck Kip and I hope that you are able to help your friend out.

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    The army can build a person to become stronger mentally and pyschicly but it can also break someone down mentally and pyshicly . Talk to him if you even think for a second that he is considering suicide get him help IMEDIATLEY! this isnt to be taken lightly! But talk to him and keep a close eye on him. If necessary alert his parents. But most of all try your best to be there for him right now, try and cheer him up somehow.

    Good luck and god bless mate!

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    It's his decision to join the military, but I can see your point. Perhaps you could talk to his parents or any other significant other? They might be able to discern if anything is wrong.

    I partially know how you feel, though. My best friend is with the 2nd Marine Division, deployed to Iraq right now.

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    You should talk to your friend and remind him of the god times you've had together.

    As far as the recruiting doctors, they have loosened the criteria for entrance because of the war with the oil chugging camel jockeys.
    We need more soldiers. They have even considered reenforcing the draft pretty soon.

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    As Pojo said, once the papers are signed, it is not easy to back out. Joining the Army is not the end of him and your friendship. However, speaking with him about his thoughts further is a good idea. Joining with the hopes of dying is not a good reason. Is his decision based completely on being dumped by his girlfriend?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah View Post
    Is his decision based completely on being dumped by his girlfriend?

    As far as I know, it is. I don't think it is a coincidence.

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