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Thread: Well, I have the flu...

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    Unhappy Well, I have the flu...

    As the title clearly states, I have the flu. I had gotten my flu shot about 2 days prior to having symptoms, and now it just came through and I am having vomiting, fatigue , and all that great shit...

    Well, does anyone else have or has had the flu shot, and has had symptoms of the flu, or the flu itself? If so, how long do the symptoms last, and how bad can it get?

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    all i can tell you is...its not deadly (sorry i like making jokes on things that arent funny)

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    Quote Originally Posted by AntiSocial View Post
    all i can tell you is...its not deadly (sorry i like making jokes on things that arent funny)

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    Sometimes the flu shot causes you to contract the virus. I assume because it's basically a minute dosage of influenza intended to build your body's immunity. So, our body fights an easy version of the virus, and, typically, you can't contract that virus again.(Immunity!) I'm here to report that, either, your body's immune system didn't get the job done, or you contracted a strain of the virus you weren't inoculated against. But, either way, you can expect normal flu symptoms.
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    I am sorry you are ill, JATO. I hope you start feeling better very soon. Get lots of rest, and get well again.

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    I had a cold/flu all weekend for Labor Day. It wasn't how I planned on enjoying the extended weekend. We won't get our school provided flu shots until late November. By then half the school will have had it.

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    Sorry to hear you have the flu, if the symptoms just started and your dr thinks its the flu there are some medications which can shorten the course of the illness.

    Quote Originally Posted by SubstanceD View Post
    Sometimes the flu shot causes you to contract the virus.
    I just wanted to correct this since it is a common misconception, it is impossible to get the flu virus from the flu shot, the injection is an inactivated vaccine where the virus is completely, 100% dead. People who get sick with flu like symptoms after receiving the vaccine simply got unlucky, and the time frame of your illness means the vaccine hadn't had a chance to really have its full effect yet.
    This is slightly different with the nasal vaccine as that is a live-attenuated vaccine which means there is a potential to cause some flu-like symptoms, and in theory potentially even the flu, however it will be a significantly more mild case.

    Basically the most important point is that while there are complications to the flu vaccine, and you should discuss the risks and benefits of any treatment option, the flu intramuscular injection can not, under any circumstances, cause you to contract influenza.

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    Feel better! Lots of liquids and warm soup always does the trick for me.

    Make a Fast Flu Recovery - ABC News

    might be helpful,friend

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    Hope ya get better soon! :O

    Just reading this topic, caused me to shudder.. (Made me think about my last flu experience)
    At one point, I had the Flu and Strep at the same time. I felt like dying (literally)

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