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Thread: Toddler for halloween, any outfit ideas?

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    Default Toddler for halloween, any outfit ideas?

    Well as we all know, halloween is coming up soon. i would like to dress as a toddler for halloween and a few of my friends thought it would be cute and not something that is seen often on halloween. it will be the one day of the year i can get away with being a toddler in public. so anyway i live in georgia and it will be cold then. anyone have any ideas for the outfit? i don't want to freeze since i am cold natured. anything is a possibility since i will be making my outfit myself but what can i wear that will be considered toddler but also warm? i thought of tights under a little dress with some bloomers and a diaper. any ideas? i have a paci and i know a sippy cup will be a must! any ideas are welcome! thanks!

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    If it's going to be really cold you could wear a snowsuit.
    It's something that, around here at least, is usually only worn by younger kids, toddlers and babies. If you can find or make a suitably toddlerish one and pair it with a dummy, that could so the trick and be very practical as well!

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    I am going as a baby/toddler for Halloween as well. Luckily I am pretty used to the cold around here, so it shouldn't be too bad. I plan on wearing a pair of footie pajamas and bringing a bottle and paci. I think that a snowsuit could be a good idea, but that really depends on if its that cold or not. If you want to try and retain some heat I recommend wearing a pair of childish mittens/socks. They'll keep you warm and contribute to your outfit.


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    Thanks for the advice! i'll figure it out. thanks again for the advice.

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    I totally know what you mean about GA weather. Does get chilly.

    I'd get a disney world adult jacket. They have tons that look really little kid and over your costume you could wear it and it would work as a part of it (and keep you toasty warm)

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    Why not get some coveralls and take the inseam out and put snaps in. Then also put a babyish sew-on patch on the front. You can very easily make a toddler outfit like this. Just make sure that you sew the snaps in so that they close like the ones on toddler jeans (front snaping over back).

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    I usually wear a footie suit on halloween. aside from that, not much

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    My friend i was talking to about suggested i year like a little toddler dress (i will sew it myself i love to sew!) with i little petticoat under it and with the diaper and some thick tights and some little bloomers. i think i'll have my hello kitty blanket as a blanky. since i normally don't buy diapers i will get some cute ones from cushies or bambino. how should i do my hair? i thought about 2 pony tails. hmm

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    I think this is sounding Awesome! You definitely need one of those things that snaps on your shirt and clips on your binky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sykmade View Post
    I think this is sounding Awesome! You definitely need one of those things that snaps on your shirt and clips on your binky.
    that is an awesome idea! i have a thing to put on my binky and i have some disney princess ribbon and then i need a snap and clip for it. oh i am very excited about it! i am poor so i am trying to find someone who has some fabric they don't need so i can make it. does anyone know a place with a pattern for some adult panties? i can make my own pattern but to see a diagram might help. i wanna make some cute ruffle butt panties to in under my little dress.

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