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Thread: What the best?

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    Default What the best?

    Hiyas, i wanted to ask to everybody, what do you think its the best about being an ab?

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    My heart says diapers, my head says the being able to acknowledge and indulge the little kid inside me; being able to accept that I'm a little lost, scared and unsure of things and that I need help and support.

    Yeah... That

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    i forgot what i think its the bes of being an ab, i think i agree with you.... =P

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    To be abstract, the pureness of heart I manage to recapture in those special moments.

    To be concrete, probably the pajamas. Hard to beat warm, fuzzy sleepers!

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    I don't know I guess for me it the ability to just fully let go and relax to the fullest, theres nothing more relaxing then a nice thick diaper, a warm bottle, and a cute sleeper.

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    I would have to say the sense of being 'true to one's self'. I don't feel guilty or ashamed or out of place because I like diapers. I mean, in its simplest form, it is basically a preference in type of underwear. Aside from the diaper aspect. I like the feeling of freedom I get from being AB/DL. I mean, there are lots and lots of people in the world who are not comfortable with themselves or their lives. I am quite content with mine.

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    For me, the best thing about being an AB is the fact that it makes me a happier person. Aside from the contentedness I feel when lying in bed padded while sucking my dummy, I also enjoy appreciating the cute things in life more such as cartoons and stuffed animals

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    Feeling like a cute boy again, and sucking a pacifier wearing my nappy. And feeling relaxed, and content

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    being little again and running and jumping and playing all the time and bein sweet an innocent

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