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    Exclamation Please Help ASAP!

    I have 3 Huge boxes of Diapers coming today!!! They were supposed to come last week but the order was pushed back some reason and now my sister will be around when the packages get here. I ordered 6 full packs of diapers (all different brands). I know she won't open them because she would never want me doing that to her things, but I need a good excuse as to what is in them. It can be anything...even something she can't see, but I need to have something to tell her that isn't diapers...

    Any ideas????

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    What I did once when my order was coming in and my friends were at my house was tell them that it was a present for my boyfriend, when they asked what it was I just said I can't say until he gets it, ofcourse he knew about me so he went along with it, but yea just say its a gift for someone she doesn't know.

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    Christmas gifts (early start, had a good idea) but then you will be held up to it.

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    OK So the boxes came today and I just casually brought them into the apartment. She asked what I had ordered. I ignored her while I dealt with the delivery guy. Then she answered the question and she said, "Oh is that the furniture stuff," In my mind I was like "BRILLIANT!" The furniture comes thursday, but I can just say it came in pieces or something. Soo happy right now lol!!

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    That was a stroke of good luck, bbabysitter26. I am glad things worked out well.

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    See, I would have said no, it's heroin. It's a good thing it was you and not me. I can never lie....damn it!

    Anyway, lucky you that she filled in the gap. Sometimes that happens. If the couch has pillows, they take up a lot of room and maybe that's what was in the boxes.

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