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    Well, hello I don't have much to say other than I of course like wearing diapers and have known this for quite a while. I just recently chose to involve myself in the community. As far as hobbies and personal detail just talk to me and I'll tell you more. Its good to meet all of you.

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    Hi, I'm guessing by your name that you like otter pops? Cuz I do! any ways I got some questions for you
    1. What is your thoughts on the color "purple"?
    2. Who is your favorite musician in funk, hip hop, country and your all time fav?
    3. What are your favorite sports?
    And finally........................................... .......
    4. Where can you watch unlimited movies and tv shows on your favorite game consoles or other devices? (haha jk on that one :P)
    Welcome to the site, see you around!!

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    Well I like blue better....but I like parliament funkadelic and frank zappa, I think they are both funky. I do like to watch some sports, but it seems that college level is the best for seeing athleticism. But I could be biased. Canada seems to be the place for streaming now. Check some .me addresses (j/k of course)

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    Hi Otterpop,
    welcome to Adisc and the growing number of UK members. So how about telling us a bit more about your hobbies and interests. Favourite muisc, books and authors, that sort of thing, married? job or still studying?

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