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Thread: Active Ultra Plus site down, but still available - And cheaper!

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    Default Active Ultra Plus site down, but still available - And cheaper!

    Quote Originally Posted by Another Member
    Was finally getting around to ordering (been out for a while) and their sites were down.
    Just wondering if you had any inside info...
    Hiyas - well funny you should ask. I actually do lol.
    Well, anyway... I finally got back in touch with my contact there and found out the owner was retiring after over 15 years of doing medical supply and closed the main sites. The only one open now is the bulk wholesale but it's not for individual sales.

    The Active Ultra Plus (velcro tapes) that were pretty new to the AB market and unfortunately they didn't get the long publicity Abena, Binos, etc got but Bottom Half Group did take over because the information about them (edited) got enough people to try them and post all the good reviews. If you notice, BHG sells them as premiums just like their others now So hopefully they'll get the recognition they deserve.

    They are still selling the remaining warehouse inventory but the only AUP's they have are XL (about 100 cases left) for $50/case. We talked for a while about the 'daytime Actives Ultra' they still had a lot left of (several hundred cases of all sizes) I personally wasn't sure about them but we agreed for me to get some and I would write up my review. I just got them recently and have been trying them out.

    They are all plastic backed with Abena-like tapes. (Which is the part I don't like because they still act just like the Abena tapes.) They have the blue wicking strip in them that actually is better than any other blue strip brand I've tried. The capacity was very suprising! I weighed a used AUPlus and the AUltra (daytime) and it weighed the exact same! The odd part is they are about 1/2 as thin dry as the AUP. I wanted to finish giving them a full chance of daytime/nighttime and active working with multiple scenarios/situations before doing my review. Other than the tapes, and dryweight thickness, and better wicking they are identical

    Now here's the rest of the news... The case price for the 78/cs AUP XL and the 96/case of the daytimes are $50!! If you are interested I'll give you their link

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    I bought a case of the medium Active Ultra on eBay for $50... yes, they're totally worth it. No waistbands but they have standing leakguards (a must on any diaper, IMO) and very comfortable, relatively supple plastic.

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    are these diapers no longer being made ? i wear there Day time diapers all the time and love them.

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    Yes, they are being made still. Bambino has picked them up (and selling them for premium pricing). I got spoiled from their old site but bought 5 cases a couple weeks ago just to stock up. Polarbaby, that's exactly where

    eBay search for "activelifemed" or eBay My World - activelifemed

    If you buy from there, make a post here to let them know we support them still! (Message me because I have some private news that might help us in the future for users) Post here if you either buy from their ebay or like them and want more. Even reviews after getting them from Bambino.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasticmax2 View Post
    are these diapers no longer being made ? i wear there Day time diapers all the time and love them.
    Yes, go to the ebay link - the Active Ultras (daytime) are sold there much cheaper than anywhere else.

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    at $0.50 per diaper I cannot argue with that as a daytime diaper. I purchased two cases from them.

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    You should have them at your door in about 4-5 days. Tell us what ya think

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