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    Hey all, I'm nordic2 and I'm pretty much new here but not to the diaper scene. I first bought a pack of Goodnites as a young teenager and I've been into them ever since. I've tried Pullups and Luvs, but neither fit very well.
    Currently I am a fan of the girls Goodnites (despite being a male) as they feel more baby-ish to me, something that is important to me in a diaper. I'd love to know of more baby-ish adult sized diapers.

    Anyways, just figured I'd drop in and say hi. I'm sure you'll see me around the forums.

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    It's assumed that you're into diapers, or have an interest in one or more of the other themes here or you would likely not be starting an account.

    Expand your intro a bit by telling us about your other interests.

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    Hey Nate - sorry, I'm still a little uneasy about sharing too much online. You understand I'm sure - its a potentially embarrassing topic!

    Anyways - about me. I'm 19 and have finished one year of college. I played sports all through High School and a few club teams in college. I am currently taking a break from school and am working a lot... too much really. I am living with my parents at home right now, though hopefully that will change shortly. Hmmm.... I think that covers the bases.

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    Hi Nordic2,
    welcome to Asdic, what we would like to know is things like your hobbies and interests, favourite music, books, movies, what are you stufying if in school/college, do you have a /gf/bf. That way people can get some idea of who you are before they decide whether to talk to you or not.

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    Well Hey Howdy from another NC resident!

    It is good to see new blood join here. When I first got internet back in the 90's I thought I'd have to move to California to meet another person with an interest in diapers.

    I hope you settle in well here. The Mods work hard to keep it a friendly and safe place for all, but I under stand being cautious until you get a bit more comfortable. I usually just list my location as near Charlotte NC for example.

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