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  • I don't put them up.

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  • After Thanksgiving is traditional and thatís me.

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  • Between Halloween and Thanksgiving is good timing.

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  • Before Halloween is a great time to put them up.

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  • Hello, I wear diapers. Who am I to judge what is a tacky lawn decoration in my neighborhood?

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Thread: Surprised to see Christmas lights

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    Default Surprised to see Christmas lights

    I just got back from the store and was shocked to see that someone had already put up their Christmas lights. I know the trend is to put them up earlier each year. It went from after Thanksgiving, to between Halloween and thanksgiving, the earliest I saw previously was November 1st and I thought that was too early.

    Thoughts on lights?

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    We never put them up until about two weeks before Christmas, and never leave them up for longer than three. But our neighbors, always up the day after Halloween, and last year they didn't take them down until mid-march!!! They finally took them down when someone asked them to.

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    All our Christmas decorations including the tree, go up 3 weeks before Christmas. We then take them all down 3 weeks after Christmas. As for my thoughts on lights, I love them. They give the streets a bit of color, rather than seeing gray tarmac all the time! - I think all lights and decorations should be taken down after about a month, because it gets a little excessive.

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    whoa that's insane that someone has them out already! Do they not like decorating for Halloween? It's equally as fun!

    My family usually starts about a few days after Thanksgiving but really hit it hard when December starts We don't usually get a tree until maybe a week or so before Christmas arrives. We take our time taking it all down,especially since we really put a lot of heart into getting into the Christmas spirit.

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    As for me, my family puts up Christmas lights between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    I can't wait for Christmas because it is my favorite time of year. For me, I personally hate Thanksgiving. Being the only vegetarian in the family at Thanksgiving fucking sucks. Everyone ostracizes me on that day only just because I am a vegetarian and refuse to eat the murdered animals put on the table for everyone to eat. People are always asking me "Why aren't you eating the turkey?" and "What the hell is wrong with you?" after I explain to them twice that I do not eat meat. Also, Thanksgiving seems like a pointless holiday made only to celebrate the beginning of the mistreatment of Native Americans. When people ask me what I'm thankful for on Thanksgiving, I tell them, "I'm thankful that Thanksgiving only lasts one day and that it is a reason to get time off from school/work." *ends rant*

    Back onto the subject, I went to my local Costco two weeks ago and saw they had some Christmas items there. Christmas in late August? It's not even fall yet, at least wait for Halloween. *facepalms*

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    Well, I used to live next to people who kept them up year round and sometimes would have them on. As for me, I don't really decorate for Christmas, mostly because I'm not usually home around that time of year or awake long enough to enjoy them. (2nd and 3rd shift worker)

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    after thanksgiving, I'll live with the Christmas stuff going on sale in June, but really don't see why anyone would put them up this damn early. Unless you use them for different holidays (like red/white/blue for certain holidays, black and orange for Halloween etc.)

    Leaving them up? I don't really care, but I'm bias in the fact that if I ever did put lights up, like hell I'd want to go take them down later. I'd rather leave them up and save time next Christmas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Thoughts on lights?
    but since you started me making my xmas wish list, you can get me this:
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    We put them up at the start of December, so I picked after Thanksgiving (in US) as the best option.

    Please note if in Canada, Thanksgiving is before Halloween so all three times in the poll are essentially the same. A December option of after Halloween would be helpful, and also for the countries that don't observe Thanksgiving.

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