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Thread: Hello bibonme here

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    Smile Hello bibonme here


    I am new to this community. If you haven't figured out by my name, I love wearing bibs! I guess I have a bib fetish although I've tried to look up some information on the net about it and I can't really find anything. I found this site and decided to join it to possibly learn more about my bib fetish and hear from other people that have the same fetish or fetishes similar to mine in the adult baby area.

    I live with my girlfriend who truly understands and accepts my fetish. I would just like to find out some more information about it and the AB/DL fetishes altogether.


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    Hi, welcome.

    wow never thought there could be a bib fetish, I find them cute though =3 what bibs do you have? Any suggestions on brands, styles, etc?

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    I have some toddler bibs and some adult bibs. Most of the bibs I have are made of vinyl (plastic) and have the ties in the back of the neck. I prefer the bibs with the ties since they don't fall off while eating. With the toddler bibs we cut the shoulder straps so the bib can drape over my shoulders. I also have some adult bibs too - again mostly with tie strings since the VELCRO doesn't hold very well in my opinion.

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    Hi there Bibonme,
    welcome to Adisc, I must admit I've not heard of a bib fetish, but I'd like to know how you go about adapting them for adults, as I am definately a messy baby when it comes to eating. But in the mean time how about telling us a little more about yourself, things like your hobbies and interests, favourite music or bands, books, Authors, movies actor/actressess's. It give's people the chance to get you know you and decide if the want to contact you.

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