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Thread: price of ciggaretts

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    Default price of ciggaretts

    How much where you are and how do you deal with it?

    $9+ here for the most popular brands.

    I roll my own.

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    Just over a fiver here, I deal with it buy buying the ones that price and not the ones that go
    up to nearly 6 quid

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    I don't smoke but I always here my one friend complaining about paying over $10 a pack.

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    I remember when I tried smoking in high school they were about 8$ for a pack of luckies. I think reds are about 5.50$ where I am though which is a slightly more common brand.

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    My mum smokes and she pays 6.80+ per pack of 20. She is always rambling on about how cheap they used to be, I wouldn't know; I never have and never will smoke.

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    When I smoked as a kid, I could buy a pack of Lucky Strikes for....(drum roll).... .35 cents. Cancer was extremely cheap in those days.

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    I am a cashier and deal with selling cigarettes time to time. Most of the time, the price ranges from $12 - $25 (depending on the brand and size). Expensive! =P Thankfully I don't smoke and never will!

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    if anyone has ever heard of l&ms there really good and really cheap there made by marlboro and they taste the same too and are under 5 bucks were im at.they come out to exactley 4.68 a pack were im at .

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    The Tax on Smokes here in New Zealand is huge!
    Pack of Park Drive Gram is about $46.50
    Pack of Paul Mall 20's is about $11.50

    Christ I remember buying smokes 10 years ago for $3.00 for 10's

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    Since leaving NC I found MI was much worse in tobacco prices. I've since nearly quit smoking cigarettes and resorted to pipe smoking or cigar smoking, though as Gene Hackman will tell you cigars are more expensive then drugs.

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