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Thread: Wearing Bibs Out To Eat

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    Wink Wearing Bibs Out To Eat

    Hi. I have to admit I have a bib fetish and love wearing bibs! My girlfriend bought me some large toddler bibs are we cut the shoulder straps on them and she always puts one (or two depending how messy the food is) on me whenever we eat at home so I don't make a mess but she wants me to wear some of the bibs when we go out to eat in public. We also have a couple adult bibs that I wear sometimes as well. Has anyone ever wore a real bib out, especially one of the baby bibs in public to eat? How did it feel? Did you feel like everyone was staring at you and did you feel like you were an outcast wearing it?



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    I have one to, never worn it out though. Do you have one of those plastic ones?.

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    I have a couple toddler bibs that are the plastic ones with the tie strings (the tie bibs stay on better than the VELCRO bibs) and the adult bibs I have are a white tie string bib that is made with a terry cloth and a plaid vinyl bib with VELCRO.

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    Hi bibonme, I see that you're new to ADISC. Why don't you write an introduction in the Greetings/Intros forum so we can get to know you better? This might also be useful:
    A Primer for New Members

    I think if you wore an adult bib in public, people would just assume you had some kind of disability. Wearing a baby bib might turn a few heads, though. I'm not really into bibs or exhibitionism, so I can't speak from experience.

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    I don't know about wearing a bib out in public but in my opinion I think it would turn alot of heads and if you met someone you knew alot of questions would be asked about you wearing a have to think long and hard before you wear one out in public

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    I don't think I would wear a bib out in public, though I should probably wear one at home. Dyspraxia and ataxia make for very messy eating =P

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    Quote Originally Posted by shyconfused View Post
    I don't think I would wear a bib out in public, though I should probably wear one at home. Dyspraxia and ataxia make for very messy eating =P
    Hey I've got Dyspraxia to, what's ataxia though?

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    I think it means something like "lack of order" or something like that. It basically means I have extremely bad coordination and have a bit of difficulty walking. There are different causes though so I think it's a bit different for everyone (I could be wrong though)

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    my last birthday I went out with a few friends who are AB / AB aware and we had plushies at the tableand no. One seemed to care. The the table staff reacted well to the plushies thinking they were funny / fun personally I don't feel I'm the uk bibs would be pushing it. It depends who your with

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    Of course, when eating lobsters and they bring you a bib my wife always makes extra jabs at me.
    Yes, I have worn them. The trick is finding them large (though changingtimes had some). Some of kids ones fit (the bigger one with the "crumb catcher" pockets down below).

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