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Thread: WTF Dream?

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    Default WTF Dream?

    Weird dream last night. I mad a point to memorize it as soon as I woke up, running the events over and over. At first it seemd completely logical, and now it seems completely meaningless and stupid. I've dabbled in dream interpretation, but this jus boggles me. I'm not even in my own dream; it's like I'm watching a movie (in colour, I should add).

    The dream starts out with the cast of Jurrassic Park (the first one) running from skeletons of giant T-Rexs. These things are HUGE, at least three times as big as a conventional T-Rex. All of a sudden, the cast of Jurrassic Park turns into the cast of Futurama, and the scenery turns all cartoony. They realise the only way to escape the planet (WTF?) is by escape pods. Most of them get into the same escape pod, but one of them gets into an escape pod with an alien. Also, the escape pods are organic, and they protect the user by turning into a big ballon that completey encompases them. The 5 or so Futurama characters who got into the other escape pod find that there is a group of 4 aliens in it with them. Still with me?

    None of the aliens are similar, they all seem to be seperate species from different planets. I distincly remember an elephant-like alien. So anyway, the two escape pods blast off into space by whatever propulsion means they posses. The person who is in the escape pod with the single alien (with lots of eyes and tentacles) is Fry. He's talking a lot and annoying the alien. So the alien reaches across with one tentacle and grabs onto the other escape pod/bubble thing (all while shooting through space), and pulls them together. He uses his other tentacle to simultainiously switch Fry into the other bubble while swiping all the other aliens into the bubble with him. So Fry rejoins his friends, and the four aliens are moved into the bubble with the other alien. Then the alien with the tentacles let's go and the bubbles seperate again. All the aliens cheer, "Yay!" in different tones of voices and completely out of synch.

    And that's where I woke up and actualy asked myself what kind of drugs I;ve been taking. As I thought about it, I thought it had been my brain recreating the end of an episode of Futurama from memory. But I have never seen an episode like that, and I doubt it exists.

    So there. Figure that one out.

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    That just proves one thing.....You have a very active imagination, good for you.

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    The only Futurama episode that I remember having escape pods is one in... I think the 2nd season. It was based off of the Titanic movie. But that's all I could think of...

    I had my first ever lucid dream the other night, (or atleast first I know of) I was in school and all my teachers were in the same room with some random students. I was like "Dude its August why the F are we in school?!?!?" and my teacher would just argue that it was September. Then I said "Well f*** your opinion! I know I'm dreaming! Look!" then I kept closing my eyes and opening them like I thought I would wake up. But I didnt, so I got really pissed off at everyone in the room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Me :p View Post
    The only Futurama episode that I remember having escape pods is one in... I think the 2nd season. It was based off of the Titanic movie. But that's all I could think of...
    Yeah, I think that's the only episode with escape pods. Nevermind all the other crazy shit that happened.

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    It sounds like an astral projection to me- your right, it can be very strange and vivid.

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    I don't think dreams are meant to mean anything, I think that while we are sleeping our imaginations become completely uninhibited and whatever we can possibly imagine becomes real in your dream world. So like the other guy said you just have a wicked sweet imagination.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chromos View Post
    It sounds like an astral projection to me- your right, it can be very strange and vivid.
    Astral projection... on a planet inhabited by giant dinosaur skeletons with self-transforming Futurama/Jurassic Park characters and giant bubble escape pods with aliens.

    Sounds more like a DMT trip to me. Which is interesting, because DMT is what causes dreams.

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    That's why I love dreams. They can make perfect sense without making any effing sense at all (if that makes any sense).

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    I once had a very very vivid dream where I was a billionaire........... But then I woke up and realized I was poor old middle class me, it was kinda depressing to say the least.

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    I had a terrifying dream last night, where I was being hunted by a serial killer. I don't remember much of the dream, but I remember how it ended. I was in a dark hotel room, and I had just escaped some sort of danger. There was a door with a mirror on it, and I was looking at myself in the mirror when the door suddenly flung open! Behind the door was monster, taller than me and big and red.
    The initial shock of seeing it was so scary, I just screamed in this really weird way, one I won't forget for a long while. It was almost like laughter, and it took away all my breath. I fell to the floor while it happened too, shacking, weeping.

    The monster then took it's head off, to reveal that it was actually a women in a costume. She was laughing, it was a practical joke, but she was ignorant of the fact that I was being hunted by a killer.

    I often have dreams like the one you described, with film and TV shows involved. Sometimes actors have little cameos too. I tend to think that these sort of dreams are the ones that don't have any meaning, they're just things that you've seen, re-occurring in your dreams. Maybe you should watch less TV.

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