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Thread: Abena M3's or M4's?

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    Default Abena M3's or M4's?

    With M3's you get 22 in the pack.
    With M4's you only get 14.
    Both are great diapers, though M4's are thicker and absorb more.
    Price difference is very minimal (maybe like a dollar).
    Personally, I like M3's more because you get 8 more diapers, and they rarely leak on me, even if they aren't as good as M4's.
    What do you guys think?

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    I actually went with M2's the last time I bought Abenas for the very reason that you get more in a pack. M4's have more absorbancy than I need, though I have to admit that the thickness is a real draw. I voted M3, but if you someone who likes super thick diaper and wants to max out their absorbancy, go with the M4's.

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    I find the M4's to be too thick, to the point of being uncomfortable to wear. But that's just me.

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    I agree, the M4's always just seem to be too much. I never really seem to be able to use them to there full potential, and they can become very noticeable especially when they are wet.

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    When it comes to the M3 vs the M4, there are a lot of reasons to go with the M3 over the M4.

    For starters, you get more per case; 88 over a mere 42. In thickness comparison, the M3 is about 4/5's the the size, so you still get most of the bulk. In terms of cost, at least from XP Medical, the M4 is a whopping $1.43, while the M3 is a much more affordable $1 even. In regards to absorbency, XP Medical rates the "Extra" (M3) at a mere 13 ounces less than the M4. Clearly the M3 has several bonuses over the M4, in terms of cost per diaper.

    Despite this, I voted for the M4.

    Why? ...Well, I see the M3 as second best, and i don't want second best. The M4's cost more. They're bulker and less stealthy. But i like having the best.

    Besides 4 is a bigger number than 3, that definitively means it's better!

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    You could try a sample pack of M3's (I believe they are the same even though they're labeled as Delta Form). You get 3 for $5.95, which is very expensive in terms of cost per diaper, but you are only going to sample them. See how you like them and tell us what you think. I'm also considering getting M3's (maybe even M2's) mainly because M4's are a bit too thick. But like AbenaLeaf said, I like to go with the best, because... well, its the best and you can't beat it :p but I have yet to actually fill an Abena until it leaks, maybe they are just that good, but if I could get that much use out of an M3, I would just start ordering M3's instead.

    Also consider the fact that thicker will mean more chafing and a much bigger bulge and sag when wet. If your going to be moving a lot, I would suggest going with a lower number. In fact, I think they are designed and intended just that way: M4's are meant for little movement (i.e. sleep or bed rest), M3's are made for heavy incontinence while allowing for some flexibility, M2's sacrifice absorbency for more movement, etc.

    I could be wrong though.

    EDIT: Once I get my hands on M3's I will be writing a review on both M4s and M3s

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    I bought the M3's exactly because you get 8 more per package. These are my extra special time diaper since I have to receive a big unmarked package into my family household..and they typically have some questions for something that big.. Getting 8 more for my buck just seems like the best option for me.

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    I recently ordered some M4's and you guys are making me worry since I plan to be wearing around my roommate and other people. I'm kind of confused on the capacity differences here, can the average person wear an M4 all day? And if I was to be wearing plastic pants would I need to worry about the M3's leaking?

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    M3s, as well as M1s and M2s, have a narrower padding in the front if compared to M4s. My guess is that this is due to them being more specifically designed for daytime use, as standing or sitting the front padding does hardly get completely soaked. As for the absorbency, I've still to try them. I've never bothered since now for the same reason AbenaLeaf states, as they look a bit like a "second best", but I must admit this debate has triggered my curiosity.

    However, I find the current Abena M4s to be thinner than the version produced since 2008 (the ones still called X-Pluses), and while they already have a good absorbency on their own (just slightly less than the previous version), I most of the times use boosters inside them, and plastic pants over them, especially for nighttime wearing.

    I see no problem in wearing M4s all day, actually when I first tried them the first thing I noticed was the reduced bulkiness and I thought "wow, now they're just perfect for everyday use!"

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    For every day wearing i would go with the M3s to save money. However M4s are also my "every now and then" special diaper. I enjoy having the best for when i can sleep in/stay in them long enough to get full use. It varies from person to person, but i dont think a single M4 could last me all day unless i didn't drink much. I can only use them about 4 times tops.

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