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Thread: what will happen if try to hold it

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    Default what will happen if try to hold it

    I think this is the correct forum for this, if not mods, please move it.

    I've been waking up every three hours to go to the bathroom at night and I'm really tired during the day. At night I fall asleep early and then three hours later I use the bathroom. Sometimes I cannot back to sleep so I'm awake another three hours. I usually go before I hit the sack again. Then in three hours I am woken up by needing to go again. After I wake up I will go and then go one more time before I leave for work. Then I go twice before lunch. The afternoon I will go twice as well.

    I had a physical and everything checked out ok. I mentioned it to the doctor and didn't think much of it (at the time I was only getting up two times). I think I've made my bladder smaller. Obviously since I'm a DL, I wet more often, though really on the weekends in the morning till noon or so. I've probably been doing this for 15+ years - now 45 years old.

    So, I think I need to train myself that when I feel the need to go, I have to try to hold it another 10 minutes. One time I was out walking and felt the need and almost wet my pants. So what does happen if you try to hold it? I know it can be dangerous for the kidneys, but how can you tell?

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    You may also be developing prostate problems. Not that I know anything about that, but I know that's the effect.

    I have a friend who was always used to holding it all day. She went twice a day, and her bladder was extremely oversized and it was causing constipation and feminine problems (not that you'd get that...). Now she has to urinate on a schedule because she can't feel when her bladder is full. I told her to try diapers. She said she'll think about it. Haha.

    I would suggest seeing another doctor. A urologist mayhaps.

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    Another thing you couold check easily at a pharmacist or doctors is Diabetes which cause both tiredness and excessive urination. Catch this in time and the medication is really effective so I reckon you might do worse than arrange a test - it's usually just a small finger prick to get a drop of blood or a urine test followed up by a full blood test if there is a positive indication. Holding it is probably not a good idea - firstly because its a bit like russian roulette and secondly because of the possibility of straining things and (as the original post says) affecting your kidneys.

    If you need to hold it very often there is something amiss and it is better to sort out the cause than try to cope with the effect.

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    If you ever try to hold it, especially while laying down - the urine will stretch out the bladder wall, push back up the ureters to the kidneys and everything will explode internally causing instantaneous death. hehehehe I'm kiddin... the last 2 answers were very accurate. Have you noticed a distinct odor or cloudiness of the urine? A basic physical wouldn't show other possibilities a urologist could find. It could be something as simple as a growing ecoli infection (which doesn't always include pain but can increase urgency), prostate issues or diabetes. All three could account for what you described. There is also the chance, since you mentioned wearing for 15 years that the bladder has just weakened and can't hold as much. There are other threads here that can describe the pressure test a urologist can do and that will tell you what the bladder capacity will hold before expelling. Bottom line- go see a urologist and get checked for possible diabetes.

    On the off chance, and I don't know too much about it but I think hyper/hypoglycemia might be in there too for feeling tired thru the day?

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    They did a urine and blood test. The urine test was fine. The physical also included the tickling of the prostate, which was fine. The blood test revealed somewhat high glucose (102) after fasting for around 10 hours. I have since begun walking 2 miles a day, eating less starches and self testing once a week or so and the numbers seem a little lower.

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    I had the same issue had the tests done everything was normal. The other thing to be checked for is a overactive bladder which is what they found with me. I have good days and bad days when I wear all day and all night to get sleep.

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    Do be careful - if you think there is a problem try to get it assessed - especially if it seems to be getting worse. You are probably fine - but if there is something going wrong the earlier it is treated the better. IC im mich advocatesthe same approach I used (although I did fight against it for a while - If you need to wear a diaper - just do it and if you manage to cope without using it all well and good - but you can sleep easy and nothing is worse than trying to cope and being constantly anxious about having a wet pants accident.

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    If yournnot sleeping through the night verry deep sleep that could b your problem as well that can cause havok on bladder

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    Quote Originally Posted by sailor10 View Post
    eating less starches
    Actually starches help your body absorb (or hold) more liquids. This is how i used to treat my bed wetting, but its hard to eat when your not hungry.

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    I think if you are concerned about what is going on, then perhaps another trip to the doctor is in order. Because basically if you think there is something wrong, it is better to get it checked out rather than to leave something and have it get worse on you. That being said, holding when you need to go can be dangerous to do but if you do it with the understanding of what can happen, can help to stretch your bladder out a bit. Mind you, you don't want to stretch it out too far either cause that can cure just as many problems. Whilst holding it for a bit longer then normal won't cause any damage, holding it excessively will. Unfortunately i can't say that you can hold if for x amount of time before you will get some kind of damage but trying to hold it for maybe a minute or two when you feel the urge won't hurt your kidneys. Don't however, hold it for as long as you can or until you have an accident because that will most certainly cause some kind of damage. Ultimately, let your body tell you what it wants you to do. If it is painful to hold, then you have held on for too long. Just as an interesting fact, the post before about holding in your need to urinate and bursting your bladder is actually true, although it takes a LOT longer for this to happen. But i do distinctly remember a story of someone who was well known and was around a far time ago so it isn't a recent thing (can't remember who it was or when exactly but it was someone important for something) and he died because of this exact same thing. Mind you, he only did this because it was considered rude for the host of the party to disappear from what was going on, so he stayed so that he wasn't rude to his guests.

    That being said, it sounds like your glucose is actually very very high and might be (but i can't say 100% for sure as i don't know anything else about you) the beginning of your problems. Having a fasting sugar that high is of serious concern. I think you missed the decimal in what you have posted so I'm assuming that your glucose levels were 10.2 (i hope it isn't 102 otherwise you might have to post what the unit of measurement was for the test). This is pretty bad as the threshold for diabetes off a fasting blood glucose test is >11. So you are getting fairly close to this limit and the doctor might have told you that you are considered to be pre-diabetic (means that you don't have diabetes, but you are getting quite close to it and need to manage your glucose levels now to try and avoid it). But the things that i find concerning is that you are already showing some of the signs of diabetes which are: somewhat frequent urination during the day (this is called polyuria in medical terms) and the need to go frequently during the night (called nocturia). I don't now if you are constantly thirsty and need to drink a lot of water (and by this we are talking about consuming >2-3L of water a day because you are very thirsty) but that is also another sign to be careful of. These signs obviously don't guarantee diabetes, but i can tell you that they are a sign that doctors look for and should set warning lights off for further investigations.

    I might also point out that if you find your sleep patterns are pretty bad, this might be the reason for your fatigue during the day. I guess the thing to gauge from this is do you normally have problems with sleeping? or is it something that has been progressively getting worse? And if you think it is getting worse, it might be a good idea to get that checked out too because there are things that can be done about that to help you out. Insomnia is becoming an increasingly huge problem amongst the population of today's age so there are 'sleep centres' all over the world to try and figure out the problems people have with sleep and offer ways to fix them. Mind you, the fact that you seem to be in the pre-diabetes group (and like i said i can't be 100% sure of that, so might be a good idea to get that checked out) could be contributing to your fatigue during the day but there could also be other problems that are there as well (including just naturally being that way). Either way, if you feel that you aren't sleeping properly then ask about that as well.

    Bottom line, I think if you are still concerned with what is going on i would go back to your doctor and if he/she doesn't have much to say to you about this or think there is nothing wrong or won't tell you much then a second opinion would be a good idea. Even though there might not be a lot wrong, it might still be a good idea. But that is up to you to actually decide if you want to or if you are able to. Hopefully this helps you out a bit.

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