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    Hi there folks,

    Here is a quick introduction for me!

    I wear Nappies (Diapers) 24 x 7 due to medical need, this can at times be very inconvient but at others it is very practical.

    The biggest advantage is not having to look for a bathroom when I need to pee or poop!

    I have been using nappies for about 15 years now, my wife is accepting of them but will not take part very often.

    I stay in Scotland

    Stay pampered,
    UKpanda (Formally UKNappyman)

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    Hi there UKPanda,
    welcome to Adisc and the growing number of UK members. So why not tell us a bit more about the man in the nappy, Hobbies and interests, favourite music, books and movies, do you work or have a career that sort of thing. It gives people a chance to know a little bit about you before the decide if they are going to respond. Having said that, they aare a reall good group of people, with lots of experience and advice if you need it, and if you ever need support, ,this is definately the site to come to. For those of us who are IC there is sub form under Diaper Talk, so I shall probably meet you in there and hoepfully in other forums.

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