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Thread: Hello from Ireland!

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    Smile Hello from Ireland!

    Hi Guys/gals

    I originally posted as a Chicago native but i've since moved back to Ireland. Just saying hello and hope to meet some like-minded people from Ireland!

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    Hi Dreamer,
    Welcome to Adisc, so how about telling us a little more about the person wearing the nappy, hobbies, interests favourite music, books, movies, you married,, family, career things like that , so people get to know you a bit better before posting. I'm sure you will find lots of people to chat to. I know rther eare other irish members, but don't limit yourself we have members from all over the world to talk to.

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    hi dreamer, just letting you know im around if ya ever want to chat before as we have been chatting before!!!

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    hey dude great to see another person in ireland. How you doing getting aclimatised? must be weird going from chicago to Ireland.

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    Hey Dude ....pls to meet ya feel free to msg us anytime if you what to chat

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    Hey dreamer,

    Hope the move and the aftereffects of it are going well. I know that's not always fun. I've noticed that there's a large contingent of Irish folk on this website, so I'm sure you won't have much trouble meeting people like you online or/and then IRL.


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