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Thread: Natural Male Affinity towards Diapers

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    Default Natural Male Affinity towards Diapers

    I have touched on this briefly in other topics but I wanted to create a centralized forum to discuss it on. I have found that our fetish is different than any other as it seems that nearly every boy/man who tries it realizes they like it. I have never heard of an instance where someone got their friend who was willing to try it and didn't end up liking it. I think this is a lot bigger than you guys think.

    As I mentioned, I really do think there is something to be said about a natural male affinity for wearing diapers. Some girls like them too but they are MUCH less common. I'm no expert but from what I heard they like the baby aspect much more than the diaper part. I think this will continue to grow over time, whether or not we want this is debatable...but I really do think its an increasing thing. I've heard it said that DL's are just like any other boy/man but one who has a very good memory (or was exposed to it at one time by someone else who does).

    Do you believe there is any truth in this? Have any of you been brave enough to try it with friends who had no connection with it? Do you believe that there is something about the male anatomy and mental orientation that makes us like to be wearing diapers?

    Note: Im not talking about the TB/AB/Furry part, just diapers specifically.

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    I'm not sure this is the case... how many actual instances can you site of someone acquiring a diaper fetish who did not previously believe they had one before? To me it seems like you either know you have it or you know you don't... sort of like just knowing your orientation. (Most of us have known we liked diapers from a young age, for example.)

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    What is not to like about using a diaper for a male. You pee in the diaper, it becomes warm and wet, a perfect envirorment for your penis. you rub the diaper it excites your penis , you cum, all things guys like. It is a perfect place to mastubate.

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    Default People I know

    Ive known 3 different people (online) who have been brave enough to do this. One had 4 other friends over to a sleepover. He was wearing a diaper when his friends caught him, but he explained and one of them asked to try one out. Soon enough, everyone he was with had one on. This doesnt happen with other fetishes...thats why I think DLism is different. I think that the sensation is something that is almost universally enjoyable to males...

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    Well once I had a sleepover, and my friend at the time. I gave him some diapers and they did nothing for him and
    he didn't get the point of it.

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    Yeah, I would think that for a good portion of guys it will have no effect on them--they just won't see any sexual attraction to it. Some might even be repulsed (turned off) but the idea of wearing diapers or the idea of being in a wet diaper. I would think a large number of people would find it too strange or humiliating to really derive sexual pleasure out of it.

    But it does make some sense that it wouldn't be hard for guys to enjoy it... if they were really open to it... but I don't think for those guys it would be nearly as powerful as it is for us who actually have the fetish. (I.e. they probably won't suddenly start craving it one week, or going out and buying diapers.) But who knows. I do know, though, that as a diaper lover myself, it's really really hard to imagine not being turned on by them... so that can cloud judgment on how anyone could not like them.

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    Default Granted

    Granted that is a relevent point, I may be biased as well on this. Its just ive seen so many examples of people suddenly coming into it...i mean, this has to be one of if not the largest "fetishes" out there that is not directly involved to enhancing regular sexual activity.

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    Yeah. I'd almost say the opposite. Although it's more accepted than say- 20 years ago... Alot of people still confuse with wearing ADULT diapers with boy-touching.

    Kinda confuses me, because with the exception of a few, you could make this irrational analogy to any fetish- although if you did it to more accepted ones, you'd be called a prude.

    If you ask me, the idea of regression used in non-sexual manners in the AB world is one of the easiest to grasp for me. You'd think with all the coverage in the news on 'how people try to escape their lives' that ABDL could be easy for anyone with High School Psychology to understand.

    The stigma of diapers=babies/old people will turn most off. I have no clue how your 'friends' all just accepted it after trying one on.

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    Default Misunderstand

    You am not talking about anything remotely related to regression, AB, TB, Furry, or anything of that sort. I am specifically talking about a possibility that boys and men naturally are attracted to the sensations of wearing and wetting diapers. I agree that AB and TB are clearly fetishes restricted to those who are born with them, but I think liking diapers is entirely different. If my friend had introduced his 4 friends to a TB sorta thing, they would nvr have bought it but because he introduced them to diaper wearing, they somehow got hooked. Im not saying this applys to EVER boy or man but I think it is far more significant than many people on this site will give it credit for. Other fetishes dont spread but liking diapers seems to...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RocketJet View Post
    I Do you believe that there is something about the male anatomy and mental orientation that makes us like to be wearing diapers?
    not something, but some things.
    sounds complex, but at it's root i think it ties in with our 'default' gender and that much of male sexuality, and things deriving from that, stem from a confusion with and/or desire to re-aquire the default status, or gain a sense of it (as if it's memory which we are trying to re-live). even with the most masculine of males, when they're ogling a female you can see it in their eyes that they're trying to imagine how it feels to be her, in that instant.
    i think this also covers the lack of genital definition whilst wearing diapers (by sight and touch), amongst other aspects of diaper wearing.

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