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    Eeee!!! It's been a long time since I got to see babyfur icons/avatars, there's so freaking many cute ones nowadays! Just wanted to let you all know they're greatly appreciated

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    Why thanksies, i think your fursonas cute too, Maybe everyone can show off there's here.

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    Hehe your avatar is cute as well. Mine, cute? I dunno ^^;

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    Quote Originally Posted by TaviMunk View Post
    Hehe your avatar is cute as well. Mine, cute? I dunno ^^;
    Haha. "Don't know why I called c-c-cute." :P

    Nonetheless your character is of course, very cute Tavi. I very much like Petora and Alu's as well actually. I need to get round to drawing my own some time! ^^

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