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Thread: Cleaning my Computer.

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    Question Cleaning my Computer.

    Alright, so this is probably a really, really stupid computer, but meh. What can I use to safely clean my laptop?

    See, I had one before, (a laptop) and I used a lysol cleaning wipe and it put a gross film over everything. So I tried just a cloth with water and that didn't really work either.

    Now the laptop I have is quite a bit more expensive, and I'm leery on using anything that could potentially harm it. So what can I use to clean it? Including the screen, touch pad, outer casing, keyboard, and I have little touch button things for volume and stuff. (HP Pavilion)

    Erm again, I know this is probably a pretty dumb question but, I just would rather be safe than sorry.

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    My laptop is old (2005) and wasn't expensive then either...but I do try to take reasonably good care of it. (It's got to last 'til I'm back to work again, at the very least!)

    Anyway, I use a 'glass cleaning wipe' (I got mine from dollarama...'n they work great on the laptop and the tv) on the seems to work...and on the body of the laptop..even the lil touch-pad thing (I hate it 'n mostly use a wireless mouse, but I still clean it) for the keyboard...I'd like to hear what others have to say on that I don't wanna take the laptop apart to clean the keyboard!

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    I've always used Windex to clean my Aluminum Mac, screens, and regular boxes. Works great for me, makes everything squeaky clean!

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    I found that the best thing for cleaning electronical equipment, computers, photo&video opticals, and even VCR heads are the specific cleaners based on isopropyle alcohol.

    They're commonly sold as spray for monitors, keyboards, or just any other kind of electronic appliance, and clean perfectly without damaging.

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    One thing you might want to watch out for since it's a laptop is cleaning the keyboard with too much water/fluid because if it gets inside your laptop bad stuff could happen.

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    Just use a bit of windex on a paper towel to clean the screen keyboard and case of the laptop. Just make sure when you clean the screen you put it as flat as possible to prevent liquids from damaging any of the circuitry. If you happen to get like bread crumbs or something between the keys of your keyboard a can of compressed air will work to clean that. Make sure to keep dust out of any vents there are. If you don't have compressed air a simple 1 dollar paint brush works wonders as well. Just buy the ones with the real bristles not that nylon rubbish.

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    I like to use lens cleaner and a microfiber cloth for the screen, compressed air for the inside.

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