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Thread: how can i play baby games on my own

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    Unhappy how can i play baby games on my own

    how can i paly with my toys but still feel so lonely my friend say they understand me but i am not to sure

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    I have no idea what you're asking to be perfectly honest. Also, this is the TEEN Baby section, and you're an AB, and this issue appears to have nothing to do with TB stuff.

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    Maybe your friends don't like your toys. Buy new toys.

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    Play with something different, that is the way...

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    hmm i feel the same way as u i play alone and since i dont have no one to play i get bored and leave it and do other stuff or take off my diaper and get back to normal. is really hard to play alone since kid i have played alone cause my brother would never doit or no one would play with me and my wwe figures. is hard to say something but i dnt know hw u can.

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    Me ive never had the problem as my mum often split me and my sisters up and gave us to friends while she went out to work so i guess i got pretty good a t playing on my own. dare i say I had an imaginary friend from a very early age.
    I did also play with baby boys and girls so I had too very distinct sets of friends .. where are they now huh! (sniff)

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