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Thread: Thinking about changing from Bambinos

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    Default Thinking about changing from Bambinos

    Every time I wet a Bambino, I get these gel balls stuck to myself and it makes it not very easy for clean ups. It happens almost every time and I'm getting kind of tired of it. I've though about switching from Bambinos to Abena. I've heard they are very similar and cheaper.

    So I have a couple of questions:

    1. Which Abenas should I buy? Most of you have suggested ordering from XPMedical so I plan on doing that. I've heard a bunch of people suggest M4s: 4163 - Abri-Form Original X-Plus (M4)
    However, the site says the L4, 4168 - Abri-Form Original X-Plus (L4) , says it holds more. Which of these should I get?

    2. Do the abenas have any problems like the bambinos do with the gel balls sticking to you after wettings?

    3. Do abenas hold as much as a Bambino? When I wet a Bambino, I've never been afraid that it might leak. I would like to stick with a diaper that I can be confident in when wetting.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'll just go down your list:

    1) In terms of sizing, always use the biggest diaper that will fit properly. If you have like a 34" waist or so, use the M4, If your waist size is right at the bottom of the large size, get a sample pack and try them to see if they fit properly. I have a 31-32" waist, and I fit just inside the bottom end of the M4 size spectrum.

    2) No.

    3) I don't know about direct comparisons to Bambinos, but XP Medical rates the M4 @ 75 Ounces, which is greater than 2 Liters. At that point, I think its close to what is physically possible for any diaper to actually hold, and not fall apart in one way or another.

    I personally love my Abena's, even the M2 is surprisingly absorbent and all of them have rather high build quality compared to every other brand i have tried so far.

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    I use both, but i prefer the bambinos (secure x-plus actually)..
    i have never noticed any of the sap on abena, sometimes on the bambino. (those are the gell balls)

    but anyway, the absorbency from both is similar. thickness wise, i find the M3 = bambino. M4 (x-plus) is a little thicker / harder to hide.

    abena have 2nd chance tapes, no landing zone, and i find are more prone to pop than bambino, but not too bad.

    abena is also less SAP than bambino, so the filling will sometimes clump/lump.

    all that being said, abena is still a great diaper, so try it.

    as for sizing. i find the bambino fits smaller than the abena. so if you are in a medium bambino, go medium abena, large to large, etc.

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    Abenas are good. I used Bambinos briefly but didn't like the baby designs, and the biancos don't have standing leg gathers. Bambinos do hold quite a bit, but I think the Abenas are comparable. I've never had a leaking problem with the Abenas and the tapes hold pretty well. As for the size to get, it depends on your waist size. I used the L4s, and they held a lot. They also hold messes pretty good. I don't remember any SAP gel balls with Abenas, so you should be good in that area. All in all, Abenas are a good choice. They are my favorite, and the only reason I do not wear them as often as I'd like is that they are expensive.

    That's my two cents, for what it's worth. Good luck to you.

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    1. Whichever fits you better.

    2. No.

    3. I've never tried Bambinos, but Abena's hold alot. You shouldn't be afraid of leaking when wearing an Abena.

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    It's a trade-off. I originally liked the look of the bambino diapers but they didn't fit as well as other diapers. I tried the Abenas before and they are awesome, well padded, etc but they don't have that baby-ish look.

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    I've worn Abena since January when I can, and I won't be switching to anything else besides trying something out. They are my favorite hands down

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    So just an update:

    I got a case of Abena M4s. They are pretty great, however I will say they are no Bambinos. Bambinos are just.....softer and comfier. I believe this is probably due to the less amount of SAP, which leads to lumping/clumping as aydensboy mentioned. However, the abenas are thicker and there is no messy sap ball clean up even after flooding a diaper.

    Thank you all for your help. I now have two brands of diapers I really enjoy.

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