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    Uhm... hi everyone.

    I got something telling me to stop lurking, so here I am posting a Hello. So uhm... Hello.

    I am a big reader of fiction and I am really enjoying the stories on here. I will comment occasionally, promise.

    Other things... I am a DL and occasionally an AB for fun. It is a great stress relief and makes me feel better about life overall.

    So... that's what I can think of... any questions?

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    Hi Lilbaby,
    welcome to the group, lots of questions like where is TN? But how about telling us a little bit more about yourself, your hobbies and interests, favourite music, books, moves, are you married, in a relationship, school, college, work. And stop being a lurker everyone is friendly and supportive, so find a couple of forums you like and jum in.

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    I have some more specific questions... Albeit unconventional ones...

    ... If the red house has red stairs, the blue house has blue stairs and the yellow house has yellow stairs, what colour stairs does the green house have?
    ... Do you like carrots?
    ... Do you have a favourite song?
    ... Pepsi or Coke?
    ... Can you moonwalk?

    Thankyou in advance for humouring my idiocy! Hope you are well and enjoy your time around here!


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    welcome indeed. I am especially pleased to hear from a female dl - just because most seem to be ab, which is wonderful - but we dl's could use more representation!

    Personally, though I am not ab, and most of my "little" imaginary play is in the past, I love that our community is growing and becoming more diverse - across all the lines. I am also happy so many newcomers essentially give feedback to Moo telling him the temporary lurker period being halted works: and we are all better for seeing shy ones show up. We really are glad you came.

    Yes, tell us about yourself, non-personally identifying but the stuff that will help people who are compatible with you get in touch; so whether you are religious or atheist, whether you are city folk or rural, a loner or gregarious... or if you are furry. Especially if you are another raccoon. And the usual, the major you would like in school, your media preferences (books, movies, music, TV...) - all go towards finding friends and fleshing out a line-drawn persona. It's the you we would like to know, we all wear the same sorts of things!

    If and when you come to us for support or to give it to others it really helps knowing it comes from someone in a similar boat, who "understands." Even as it's also true that oldsters can give the benefit of their experience: tricks, traps, and abdl life-walkthroughs. (I happen to know there's a mid-level zombie lurking just inside mature topics with enhanced hit points and a weakness to fireballs.)

    so... would you be into plastic pants? In them right now? (no answer needed if you are shy about your specifics) how bout pacis?

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    Racoon |I rfecently sw a thread on paci's but can't find itm any ideas where it is pls?

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    Well... let's see... Tennessee is in the Southern part of the United States. I want to leave here so badly that it makes me cry. However I am currently in school, so it will be a few years before I can break free.

    I am a married lesbian. My wife sighs and rolls her eyes over this but otherwise is supportive. I still get twitchy, because I hate to think I am making her feel bad about things or that she thinks I am overly weird. My issue not hers.

    I am unemployed, read a lot, prefer fantasy and sci-fi over a lot of other genres but I do read most everything. Watch a lot of TV. I really like Eureka, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary, Glee, and lots of other stuff. Netflix is my friend. I like a lot of music but mostly rock, more of the classical stuff or classical sounding. Uhm... other stuff I am studying psychology, to be a shrink, which will be fun.

    As for the Green House, I don't know what color the stairs are, there is not enough data.

    I do not like carrots but I do like most other vegetables.

    My favorite song is Eh Hee by Dave Mathews.


    And I cannot moonwalk.

    I am very religious, but I am an eclectic pagan which tempers things a bit.

    I am a bit gregarious and a bit of a loner, it depends on the time.

    As for furry... kind of ish. I am not really into the furry lifestyle but I am a big fan of furry art and stuff. And I think I would be more otter than raccoon, but that would probably be my second choice.

    I hope that helps.

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    Hi Heather, welcome to the forum! You sound like a very interesting person, and I think you'll have a great time here. Have you had your wife check out the site? There's articles here that may help her to better understand things and maybe ease some of the twitchiness you have in regards to her and this part of you.

    At any rate welcome, and I hope you enjoy yourself.

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    Welcome aboard!

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