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Thread: hi!

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    Default hi!

    just thought i would introduce myself here. first off, im a mechanic with a sense of humour.
    my intrest in diapers came from my girlfreind, who thought it would be fun for her to be an adult baby, i thought it was fun and naturally i got curious so i wore a diaper. since then, i havent stopped.
    in my free time i enjoy reading, surfing the net and shooting.
    on this site, i hope to find other people who share the same diaper fascination as me and im looking forward to talking to freindly people!
    thanks for reading!

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    Well hi there, fellow Englander!

    Your introduction to diapers sounds pretty cool - there are many of us here in relationships with a shared diaper interest, so you'll find much to talk about! Sounds like you're 'living the dream'..!

    I have to say I admire mechanics (I'd love to know what I was talking about where cars are concerned!) but I thought they all had a sense of humour... Considering some of the prices they charge, they're definitely having a laugh!

    Sorry - had to do that - I'm a cynic!

    Just so we can get to know you a little better...
    ... How long have you been with your girlfriend?
    ... Are you reading anything currently?
    ... What do you shoot?
    ... Can you roll your tongue?
    ... What's your favourite movie?

    Welcome again - you'll definitely find plenty of friendly people with the same interests here - we're a diverse bunch! Look forward to seeing you around the forums!


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    i have been with her for 3 years, and at the moment im reading Tom clancy's Red Storm Rising
    i mainly shoot targets, but i do occasionaly shoot rabbits.
    my favorite movie? i would have to say at the moment, saving private ryan.
    and yes, i can roll my tongue

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    A direct-answer kinda person - my favourite!
    Though I'm disappointed you completely ignored my (rather excellent) joke about your profession!


    3 years is pretty good - you must be closer now you share this, no?
    Tom Clancy books are awesome. A proper man book.
    Although shooting scares the hell outta me, part of me would love to shoot a rabbit. My Dad used to do it in Hampshire, for the farmers. It seems very manly, too!
    Good taste in movies, too - though 'Saving Private Ryan' is knocking on a bit now!
    And I can roll my tongue, too The best ones can

    Nice to meet you, Mr Manliest-of-Manly

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    i didnt ignore your joke i charge most people "mates rates". (basically nothing)
    and yes, we are a lot closer, but i havent got the courage to propose to her yet XD

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    Hi Fire Stopper,
    welcome to the group and welcome to the rapidly epanding number of brits, alway nice to have another. I'm sure you'll find loads of people to talk to. Is your GF in Adisc as well? Saving private ryan was a brilliant film, but then I like war stories that are based on actual events,, so things like the longest day, battle of the bulge, patton, band of brothers.

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    Hi hi and I really had my ears perk, at your recent discovery you like diapers. Most of us "just knew" very young indeed, and very often shortly after potty training. Or even during... not wanting to give up diapers at all, either for the effort of ditching a convenient habit or for potty-phonia. (big noisy things that take what you give them and send it away... things that look like they could flush YOU away if you fell in... things that make big scary noises. And many kiddies have an issue with losing what they "made" - as it was part of them, and they have a sentimental attachment to it.

    No matter. Coming to diapers late makes you no less one of us, in fact for you it's all good!! - all fun. You don't have to go through wondering if you are abnormal, ill, or having an obsession that haunts your thoughts night and day that you can't cope with.

    There's a large - perhaps growing - community of us, we who like what we like, and understand how each of us has a bit of a different take on how we like it. that puts aside things like whether a person is gay, straight or what... and our community really does want to look out for each other.

    By the way there's another reason I am glad you are here... and it's a positive thing I came away with - reinforced - from a local abdl camp: this: That there is a myth out there about us... that we are obese, unemployable paranoid obsessive complsives who stay home and isolated and reject all things worldly to live in a fantasy world at our chosen little age. Those exist and as usual with people with odd leanings, the extreme ones give the rest of us a bad name.

    The fact is that many - perhaps most of us - have jobs and partners, that we are functional healthy people with a quirk. WE ARE NORMAL (as it were.) You are a role model and help to reassure the young there is nothing "wrong" in all of this - it is a blessing, an extra way to enjoy life, and a connection to a community of really great, kind and caring people.

    You also give the presently-single straight guys hope their singleness is not a life-long curse, and their 'quirk' needn't get in the way of finding the right girl, marrying her, having kids. (The gay dudes and lesbians and asexuals seem to fret less over this issue.)

    So welcome and we'll look forward to more from you

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    Should have also mentioned that Tom is one of my favourite authors, I'm currently reading a Heinleinn book atm but have bought Tom's agains all enemies , and that will be my next read. I loved the Jack Ryan novels

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    Racoon, have you cross posted, your maial doesn't make a lot of sense given what has been said in this topic

    Hi Firestoppeer I have done some shooting in my time unfortunately most of the targets I shot were people, not much call for that in civvy street, and the police do tend to take a dim view of such things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post

    Racoon, have you cross posted, your maial doesn't make a lot of sense given what has been said in this topic
    The first sentence and last paragraph of his post would indicate not

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    but firestopper doesn't mention coming to nappies late, marriage or kids, I could be totally mis-reading it but it did rather confuse me. or ar we "at war" agin, I do hope not, as we have so much in common

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