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    Hello, I'm think about buying some Abena X-Plus', but I didn't know from where, price is't to much of a problem for me, I was wondering more about packaging. My mom won't open a box with my name on it, but of course if she can tell what it really is then uh-oh. (Run on sentence xP?). So what would be the best site to order them from?

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    The issue typically lies in the size of the box....People are interested by big things. Most places you buy from are not going to put anything diaper-related on the outside of the box. I would recommend XP Medical, they keep things as discreet as possible.

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    Buy a case from XP medical, it's a smaller box than you'd think. Plain brown, they just turn the box from the company inside out. The shipping label just shows "XP" as the source.

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    I recommend a single package of Abena from XPMedical. That company will always ship your product in a plain brown box whether or not you get the case. If you think your parents will be more curious of larger size boxes, order smaller. They even have sample packs, which I believe are shipped in a semi-large white envelope.

    If the size of the package won't matter, go ahead and buy in bulk (case) since you will save a bit of money per diaper compared to buying a single package.

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    Thanks guys, xp sounds like the winner... And thanks again!!!!!

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    I think the envelope might be a giveaway. What's in this squishy envelope?? Single package is probably your best.

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    Not only does XP medical ship in plain brown boxes, NorthShore Care Supplies, and several others do to. Like others have said, a full case is a med to large size box. When I order I order 2-3 cases at a time so they come in two large brown boxes and you can't tell that diapers are inside. You will find most of the reputable online stores offer plain box shipping and they all are close to the same price too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by happydl View Post
    I think the envelope might be a giveaway. What's in this squishy envelope?? Single package is probably your best.
    "A couple of tshirts I ordered online"

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    Default has a special right now on abenas, i just order 2 packs from them. about $20 a pack for mediums.

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