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    Talking hello

    hi my name is erik and im 18yrs old i lve in Phoenix, AZ looking for friends

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    hello erik and welcome to adisc , you came to the right place to meet new friends and share your thoughts.I see your from phoenix been there a couple of times its very hot

    any ways do you have any interests in anything

    favorite foods

    its ok to tell us a little bit about yourself in your intro, it lets everyone get to know a little bit about you before you jump right into the site ,well good luck and have fun

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    Success! Another Erik! Just yesterday I greeted another one of us, his spelling was like mine tho. Welcome to ADSIC! Every day I get to welcome another Eri c/k/ck is a good day.Hope you enjoy it here as much as I have, Do you want to share some of you hobbies with us?

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    Greetings and welcome fellow traveler. Given time and involvement I'm sure you will make many friends here.

    Be patient, make a few thoughtful posts and check out the chat room for starters.

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    Hi erik,
    welcome to the group, don't know much about Phoenix, apart from it's a legendary bird, is in Arizona and appears in a song. |Which is more than I know about you, so like little bear said, how about telling us a litle bit more about yourself, hobbies, interests, favourite music, books, movies that sort of thing. If you need some ideas have a look at that should give you some.

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