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Thread: diaper help!!!!!!

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    Default diaper help!!!!!!

    Why are my diapers tearing in the rear? I just put them on and soon find them tearing...I'm wearing bambinos and I don't want them to go to waste...

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    I'm not really sure how you're managing that then. I've managed to rip a bambino maybe twice, both times it was a case of taping it and wearing till the plastic had stretched, then moving in the tapes to bring it really snug again, then restless sleep night with lots of turning. You're definitely taping them too tight, but usually I find the tapes will break or pop long before a bambino tears. (they've only torn on me when I've had reinforcing tape to keep the tapes down)

    If nothing else, put some clear packing tape across where they are tearing in advance.

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    ^^ This. It sounds like you're taping them too tight.

    But, just to be sure, check the back of the next one before you put it on, and make sure there are no defects or seams or weak plastic or anything.

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    They are either too small or you're putting them on too tight

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    I've never used this type of nappy, but was wondering if you've had this problem befor with the saem make. If not, have you starated sitting ina different way or on a different chair or piece of furniture, it could be that something is snagging them and then as they are under tension from the tapes they would tend to tear.. Also is it a straight tear like a knife cut or a jagged one?

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    Sorry to add to the questions but is the tear where the tapes are fastened to the main part of the diaper i.e. not in the "landing zone area" or at some other plale where stress from wearing way too tight might make a seam or join tear - or is it in the middle of the backing of the diaper?

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    A few likely causes I could think of off the top of my head using the information provided:
    - Excessive touching/adjusting of the diaper
    - A lot of pants have a seam right down the back/bottom. If yours do, that could be rubbing on the plastic causing it to break
    - Defective batch

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    I think that irnub has come to the best conculsion. It is most likely that the pants you were wearing had a snag in the back seem and the diaper got cuaght on it. Therefore creating a tear.

    This might not be why, but from the info provided it seems the most logical.

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