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Thread: does your spouse let you wear?

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    Unhappy does your spouse let you wear?

    i love wearing so much but my wife hates it. is making me really sad that i cant wear all the time i want to wear 24/7 but i cant because she will not allow it do any of yall have the same problem

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    My gf is AB. So yes she lets me and I let her. Sorry about that!

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    My ex was very involved in this side of my life and enjoyed changing me etc.

    However, we did reach a plateau at which he was reluctant to do it as often. That became frustrating, especially in times where I would get home from work or something, feeling totally in the mood and expecting him to be waiting with a nappy etc... He rarely was.

    As frustrating as it was at the time, I miss it like Hell now it's gone.

    Sorry to hear your wife is so unaccepting, though. I guess you just have live with doing it as and when you can, and not forcing it on her

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    Quote Originally Posted by eeyore View Post
    My gf is AB. So yes she lets me and I let her. Sorry about that!
    That doesn't sound smug *at all*...

    (See? I even added asterisks for you!)

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    my wife was on board at first but that lasted like a month. I got the "do what you feel you need to do" reply. It was obvious she was not comfortable with it so that made me uncomfortable as well so I just stopped wearing them around her & now I am back to sneaking them on behind her back :/

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    My BF is my Daddy, so he obviously let's me wear, in fact he diapers me :p

    Sorry to hear that though! It must really suck :/

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    My diaper habit is completely "under cover." My wife does not know, so my diaper time is somewhat limited. I do have kids, though, so even if my wife knew, I doubt that I'd be wearing much more often. Imagine the kid you just finished potty-training finding out you have a diaper on! No good.


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    Yeah, if it's not a medical issue I think you pretty much have to drop it once a non-DL partner comes into the picture. Especially when kids come along.

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    My wife is OK with it completely. She was OK with it right from the beginig. Not as much at first but now its totally cool. She sometimes changes me. I wear mostly at night and she doesn't mind. She wears sometimes also. We do had a daughter and ofcourse keep it all from her.

    M advice would be to talk to her. Nobody else know the relationship between you like the two of you do.

    If she really loves you she will accept that's its a part of you and you should be able to wear them when you want. Ifvshe doesn't want to participate then she can just let you do your thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NateSean View Post
    Yeah, if it's not a medical issue I think you pretty much have to drop it once a non-DL partner comes into the picture. Especially when kids come along.
    Fortunately, it hasn't come to dropping it. Rather, I just stay up a little later some nights. My DL persona is certainly not starving! (though more diaper time is always nice)

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    I think there are a variety of experiences in terms of how accepting a non-AB partner will be and I think most couples find that things change over time. I think it is important to have an open line of communication and to realize that compromises need to be made on both sides. Wearing 24/7 is probably not a realistic or fair goal but you should try to work out the what, when, where questions together.

    I have been wearing openly for a few years now after a period of keeping it hidden. We call them my "magic pants" because my wife found the word diaper hard and confusing. We have made the bed generally a no diaper zone, since she wants that to be a space for both of us. But she is happy for me to wear them whenever I want around the house. But if I want to involve her in any way (e.g., having her put them on me) then I need to ask ahead of time and she has the right to say no. If I'm on my own, then I can simply wear them. I will admit that I get a small thrill out of the fact that she doesn't know if I'm wearing and so she sometimes "checks" from time to time. She's also become more open over time joking about my magic pants in other contexts. We'll be riding in the car say, and I need to stop for a restroom and she'll joke that we'd get there faster if I had on my magic pants.

    I guess what has helped us is to be open about what we both want and to keep things fun and childlike. We never connect diapers and sex -- it's more something that is like a fantasy game that I like to play. She has even said that it is not unlike a video game or playing fantasy football. (She says that because I have never enjoyed either of them.)

    Good luck and realize that this can bring you together closer as a couple because it is a huge inside joke.


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