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Thread: Good luck to all in newyork.

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    Default Good luck to all in newyork.

    I would like to wish all in newyork goodluck and would like to say keep safe.
    I dont know if the storm has passed, died dowb before getting their or is currently affecting you all as im currently away and have limited wifi while hear so would like to use it for ADISC time.

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    The storm died down to nothing once it reached me (suffolk county, on the north shore of Long Island) there are two large pieces of trees that came down, but they were apparently rotted already, and we have no cable, phone, or internet (thank you unecrypted networks enabling me to piggyback :P), but for the most part there was no major damage done around my area.

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    It's nice to know that there wasn't too much damage done in New York. I couldn't believe it when I heard that some parts of NY had to be evacuated. I mean, how do you evacuate the largest city in North America??

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    After driving around a bit, there were some trees and large branches that have snapped off, but I have not seen any houses/buildings damaged. They had evacuation orders on parts of Long Island, as well as parts of the city, but it was not mandatory, and it was a fairly small portion of the city.

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    Here in the suburbs there were houses evacuated because some streets had 5 feet of water :/. It's bad when your whole basement is under water, but when it reaches the first floor you know have a problem. My house, it was fine :/, but i think i'm on higher ground.

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    You should be saying this to North Carolina. New yourk was barely hit. I'm in NJ and that was hit more but still barely.

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