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    Hi Everyone, I just walked out of Walmart with what I assumed was a new Depend product. It's labeled Depend "Protection with tabs". The picture on the front of the package shows what I had assumed was an improved product. It shows what looks to be the traditional Depend brief with a narrow front, not the wider wings. However, upon inspection, they appear to be normal Depend Maximum protection briefs. I will test them when I arrive home and post the results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by polarbaby View Post
    It's not improved or new. Same thing, different label.
    They probably just "improved" (raised) the price...

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    I can officially verify, same lousy product. Just a different name and picture on the packaging.

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    Yea it's a deal as the new boss same as the old boss. New package design same product I'm wearing one right now, pretty good diaper, not sure why Depend has such a bad repertarion, there pull ups are bad but there diapers are good.

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