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    Wink Hello!

    Hello everyone, I'm new here, also new to ABDL, though I liked it for some time ago but just recently started to really do something about it-

    I started liking the caring/babysit part, but just recently putted a nappy myself and felt weird but nice so I want to try some stuff from now on.

    Besides diapers I'm into geeky things; technology, videogames, comics, animation... I have some creative part too, I draw and sometimes just make random stuff

    I'd like to learn about this new thing to me with people that won't reject it as a deviant practice, I think is important to have an open mind, is nice to try new things.

    I think that's all, so, see you around

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    Nice to meet you! Maybe Geeky but that doesn't mean Bad does it? I have the same likes minus the comic books. I think its awesome you discovered this side of yourself and would love to see you around Adisc. It really is a truly amazing site for us to interact!

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    awesome well glad to have you aboard! Its always nice to meet a fellow gamer what do you game? Do you game while wearing?

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    Welcome. always love creative people. Any works in animation?

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    Hehe, of course not, Geeky is always good , nice to see we share interests.

    Um... a litte bit of everything XD what I can get in PC and PS3, I just don't like shooters or fighting games that much, I prefer games with good stories and creative systems ^^. I haven't tried diapers while gaming before, but now that you mention it maybe I'll do it tonight, I've been stressed lately and just bought a PSP =O (I know, a bit late, but is now that the prices are good) and hadn't had the time to play, so maybe I'll try it today =).

    Well, I've done some little things, but nothing worth showing XD I'm working in a project with some friends right now but college interferes, so its going slow. What always happens is that I think in a story, design characters and get some storyboards, then all the work is there waiting for me, and I never do it =P, thatīs why I asked some friends to keep me motivated.

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    Thank you =) well, mostly manga, but I've read some stuff from Neil Gaiman (love also his books) and Alan Moore, also recently I read Scott Pilgrim and was awesome =O

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    Hi WiLiKi,
    and welcome to the group, I'm sure you will find loads of people to talk to that share both your ab and caretaking sides, a lot of people start as caretakers or dl and as they grow up seem to grow down into tb/ab's. I like caring but I much prefer being a 2yr old boy and being cared for by a loving mummy.

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    Hey Dementias, exactly what does your sig mean.

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