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Thread: My weird luck strikes again...

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    Default My weird luck strikes again...

    Well, a few friends of mine over the years have said I have the weirdest luck known to man. I should explain, this all started when I first went to Monday Night Football in '03 when my best friend said I had weird luck that just happens to appear out of nowhere.

    Another friend of mine from work said the same thing when I got to go to the rebirth of WWE Saturday Night's Main Event in '06 and WrestleMania 23 a year later. Plus, he also said it when I got my laptop after one I got from my parents died on me.

    Well, earlier this year, my beloved TV died and I have been using a 19 inch job my mom and dad let me have... anyway, today I stopped in at a friend's store to see how he was doing, and I was offered, for nothing- a 36 inch flat-screen job...

    So, later today I will have a TV that will make it easier for me to pick off people in Homefront, COD Modern Warfare, outrunning cops and finding my wide-recievers easier. I can't wait to hear how my best friend rants on how things seem to fall into place for me sometimes.


    I'm sorry, I'm just excited to have a TV that big, which is something I've never had. Not even growing up, as the family TV was a 21 inch one.

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    Nice, I've got a 32 inch in my room but I (meaning my parents) had to pay for it. It was 400 which I didn't think was too bad of a price.

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    WildThing, I think that your situation is due in part to your luck, but also to your patience. A lot of people (uh, like me) would have a very hard time not just going out and spending $400 on a 36-inch flat screen TV, on credit if necessary, thinking "well, I guess it's about time now that my old TV died." Then, if I were offered a free TV later on, I would either turn it down (and the friendly offer would be wasted) or I would accept it and give it to someone else.

    Since you were wise enough to wait, your friend got a chance to give you a gift that you really appreciated. :-) I wonder if more of your good-luck stories have to do with you waiting for good things to happen and then finding out that they do. It's such a heartwarming idea.

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    Same thing sorta happened to me. I had a 19' flat screen that I really could not see, but I needed to put my money to other things. My dads bedroom tv broke, so he sent it for repair. It looked like that tv couldn't be fixed so he bought a 32'. A few weeks later he was informed his tv could be fixed. He decided he wanted his old tv cause it was bigger. So I got a new 32' for nothing.

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    To borrow an old addage.. patience is a virture. It's a virtue and I try to be patient because, patience perseveres in times of situations. I get the TV sometime today or tomorrow from my friends and I am looking forward to an all-nighter on Call of Duty and Madden. lol. Anyway, I always heed that patience is a virtue.


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    Just fairly recently I decided my huge old 35" CRT had to go, since my bedroom is not all that large and it took up about a third of the floor space. Went out to Cash Converters (I get 90% of my stuff second hand, I like bargain hunting and such) and bought a Teac 32" 1080p panel for $275, and mounted it on the wall. Figured it was an okay deal and I haven't bought myself something nice for a while, so i'd go do just that.

    I didn't exactly get it for free but basically the same deal as the rest of you guys.

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