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Thread: New but not new to being incontinent

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    Hello everyone,my name is Lynn,male and have had issues with my bladder for many years,I have started last year seeing a new urologist,and he recommended and ordered selfcathing 6 times per day.But he also ordered me to have a Foley catheter too if needed.My primary Dr ordered me to use the Foley only,and change out monthly.So that is where I'm at

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    Hi Lynnan,
    and welcome to Adisc, firstly let me sasy I empathise although I've never had to self cath or had any form of cath apart froma few tests and a couple of times when I've been hospitalised. Could you tell us a little more about yourself, your hobbies and interests, types of music you like, favourite books or movies things like that. There is a IC sub forum in the Diaper Talk forum, so I'm sure I'll see you in there at some point.

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