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Thread: no underwear just diapers

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    Default no underwear just diapers

    i got my onsie today and im staying at a family members house who is currently out of town and i went over there or here cuz i am here now but i brought my last L4 abena and a depend that i had left over just those and no underwear so im only gonna be able to wear diapers so let the fun begin

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    cool story bro

    Ya know, perhaps this would have been better as a blog, because there isn't much to discuss.

    Anyways, congrats on the opportunity to wear. It feels good bro.

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    sorry good point i just didnt know where to put it

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    I think this could be a real interesting blog. start one up, and update often.

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    ok how do i start one uppp i feel stupid asking but im not sure i mean all i am is a lil

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