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    hello you all, I'm sorry that I never Interduced my self. I am Cottonboy and I', 52 years old. I started being a Diaper Lover/Adult Baby
    at a very young age of 5 years old. I was a bed wetter/pants wetter and one day my mother got mad at me and put me in thick cloth diapers and plastic pants and put me outside and Locked the door on me. I had to wear the diapers all day long out side and all of my friends saw me in the baby diapers and made fun of me. the next day I was playing over at a friends and he was gone and his sister's want to play house and made me the baby by putting me in diapers and plastic pants, this play went on ever time I would go over their to play. 6 months later they moved away. Witch brings me to this point. From that time till now I have been a DL/AB and wish some times I could change it all and be normal. But I know that will never work because I have this fetish that started along time ago at a young age and I fear it will never leave me. So that is me and thank you for hearing me out. Have a nice day.

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    Hi Cottonboy.
    welcome to the group. how about telling us a little bit more about yourself things like your non dl relatied hobbies and interests, tastes in music, books and movies, do you work, have a family, that sort of thing, so we get to know you. By the way are you in any other groups as I am sure I have read your intro somewhere else?

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