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Thread: Sup Ninikins boyfriend in the house! BabyLucas is here!

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    Default Sup Ninikins boyfriend in the house! BabyLucas is here!

    Hey guys. My girlfriend has been kinda pressuring me to get this intro done and up here since she has sort of a following and apparently blogs about everything we do in diapers. XP So here goes nothing.

    I am a twenty year old college student who works in a restaurant to stay afloat in this crazy economy, and I have actually been into diapers most of my life. I remember volunteering to be the baby when my cousins played house just so I could get , "changed" which in my opinion is the best and most intimate of times. Then as I hit the age of twelve I made friends with a neighbor and martial arts teacher's son. He had always had a bed wetting problem and boy did I envy him.

    Even when he was a total douche I got him to sleep over enough that my parents bought him a pack of good-nights to keep at our house. Even using them sparingly I went through the whole pack in a month. After that I collected diaper pics secretly and found that diapers trigger my sexual desires. For almost four years these 8 gigs worth of pictures where my fap material of choice. This made me feel further distant from a middle school that at the time contained at total of seven friends for me.

    Then something unexpected happened. I went to high school and met my closest click of anime peeps and computer geeks. Shortly after I got my first smoking hot girlfriend (Not as hot as Ninikins but it shut up the "FAG!" insults that I had become used to) and I met my first true gay guy. He immediately called me gay which offended me greatly.

    For the record I have nothing against gays, as a matter of fact I am one of the biggest advocates of gay rights you will ever see. Hell when I was twelve I was the ring barer in a lesbian wedding. However at the time I though that I was 100% not gay. I found girls and diapers sexy. However the doubt grew and so I went looking at all kinds of porn for answers about my confused sexuality. I also lost interest completely in diapers in general. Four girlfriends and one Ninikins later I not only rediscovered myself as a pan-sexual but I rediscovered my love of diapers.

    From the day that I first dared to share my fetish with her to her first diaper, I have been so grateful to have a girl that accepts me for who I am. We lounge around in diapers, change each other, share pacifiers and bottles, and enjoy the babied life whenever we can.

    Anyway enough about my memoirs lets talk about the things that matter. As far as books go, I love all fictional books with a good story. Be they science fiction or fantasy I love books that stretch my imagination and encourage my own stories to reach new heights.

    I do read manga and watch anime. I will in the future make a thread with a list for discussion should anyone actally care. *thinks to self* 123456...... this is gonna be a long ass list.

    As far as video games are concerned I play just about everything. If you care PM me otherwise I will bring it up when it's relevant. Although my selections are more about story than game-play just like my view on books. XD

    I am here to support my girlfriend, who is new in this fetish, and anyone else who is new looking for advice. I have been around this stuff for close to seven years. If I can help I will. Other than that I hope to find others to just share my experiences with and talk to. So don't be shy come get to know me and I am sure we will be great friends.

    With love to all my anonymous padded friends,

    P.S. I use Lucas cause it's my steam punk name! XP
    P.P.S. Love you Ninikins

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    Hi, BabyLucas. Welcome to ADISC. That was a nice intro. I am sure that you will enjoy the time you spend here. Take care and have fun, and you too, Ninikins.

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    Hey! Welcome to the forum ;3

    Yeah it was a great intro, hope you enjoy your time as well =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifigal View Post
    Hi, BabyLucas. Welcome to ADISC. That was a nice intro. I am sure that you will enjoy the time you spend here. Take care and have fun, and you too, Ninikins.
    Thanks friend. I tried to throw enough of me in to make my diaper history interesting without boring the crap out of you guys. XD Good to know someone got to the end.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lobie
    Hey! Welcome to the forum ;3

    Yeah it was a great intro, hope you enjoy your time as well =)
    Much appreciated, I just wish I could have found some of the adorable sprites that my girlfriend used in her intro. They spice things up a bit. =P

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    Welcome to ADISC hon =p

    and no, I don't have a following :P You are very silly~
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    A hearty welcome to you Lucas! You and Ninikins seem like a very happy couple, and I think it's super sweet that you two have what you have and support each other so well. I look forward to seeing good things from you. If you're as fun and interesting as Ninikins then you'll be a big hit 'round here.

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    that was an awsome intro, hope you have fun here

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    Yes, awesome intro. I recall the gf's intro too and remembering I meant to reply there... and for both of you had a lot to say...

    and not the time. for now, love to hear of happily ab/dl couples and love to see them exchange witty banter in each other's intro threads. Sprites you say...

    Best thing is not only did your intro say a lot about who you are but tells the community how usual it is to feel one is soooo UNUSUAL... how usual it is to do a lot of searching for self-discovery... and successfully too! Just because many people have simpler orientations (plain gay plain straight plain vanilla...) doesn't mean it is always plain and simple. Plus some people do go through phases and switch between them, sometimes gradually, sometimes not. This fact is non-obvious. Since many (most?) people spend their life being gay, bi, straight, whichever, changing along the way can be a shock, and a rude one. Never mind realizing one's identity and coming to terms with it, then it switches on you and pulls the rug out! (Causing rug burns in the process!)

    It is very helpful to the community to have this implied or pointed out. A lot of the best support is simply dispelling confusion.

    And reassuring others simply by letting them know others share their experiences; that alone can be comfort enough.

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    Hello Lucas,
    I really enjoyed reading your intro. Your soul-searching is something that I can directly relate to, and it is a continued pleasure to read more and more people's take on the same emotions I share. It was strange reading Ninikins blogs with your input no where to be found. Welcome to ADISC! I looked forward to your posts.

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    Welcome welcome! And congrats on having your sweetie on here too

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