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    Default teddy bear

    hello i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on were to find a perfect sized teddy bear that is really cute and soft i have tried looking a couple of places and havent had any luck also looking for good quality tb clothes. thanks

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    Have you tried Toys R Us? That's where I got mine, and I love him. He's a big bear, and very clutchy when I sleep.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    Home Page - Build-A-Bear Workshop US

    I sent my little bro one for easter
    :O i wanna go! but i don't think there's one around me x)

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    Quote Originally Posted by OneLoveOneHeart View Post
    :O i wanna go! but i don't think there's one around me x)
    I think you can design/order it from the site, but I'm not sure (nor am I much help :P lol)

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    toys r us didnt even think of that i went on there site and found one i like but im going to keep looking till i find the cutest one

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    anyone have any other suggestions not that these werent helpfull i just want to get as much feedback as possible thanks =}

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    I got mine at toys r us.

    Wasn't even looking at the time, but walked down the isle and this big fluffy dog was there and I had to take em home!

    Stop into one they tend to have some items that are not one their website as well...


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    I bought my wife one that stands about four feet high at a local toy store. One of decent quality isn't likely to be inexpensive, but if you want to give it lots of cuddles, it may be worth a couple extra bucks.

    I agree with the above: Toys R Us is a good way to go. It seems as though the quality of offerings at Build-a-Bear has gone down over the years, unfortunately, at least at the locations I've patronized.

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    ebay ,toys r us ,local toy shops ,check the internet ive seen some lovely teddys online

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    Is this really appropriate for the "Diaper Talk" sub-forum? I would suggest moving it to perhaps "Adult Baby".

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