Hello everyone. My name is Cross. I've been a diaper lover for as long as I can remember, pretty much, when I got out of diapers I wanted back into them. I am currently attending DeVry University to become a video game programer with the hopes of one day working for Blizzard. I found this site a while ago and lurked, but things in my life have changed and I really would like to talk with like minded people. I don't regress often and in fact, consider my self a DL, but there are times where i do like to regress and "cub out" if you will. Other than video games, I love to also play table top games and trading card games. As much as I love games and computers, I also love being outside in nature, camping, hiking, fishing, and one day hunting, are all things I have interest in. Well, that's all for now, I look forward to meeting with, and talking to new people.