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Thread: Libero Up&Go size 7

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    Question Libero Up&Go size 7

    So I was at the store today at a new location (to me), and I saw some Libero Up&Go Size 7 diapers. So I was interested: does anyone have any experience with them? It would be great to know if they're worth the money, or if I should go with some other diapers. The thing is, those are the very first Size 7's I've seen in my life, so I'm quite tempted. Plus, there is only one type of Size 6 available there, and I don't like those diapers that much.

    Any ideas/suggestions?

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    Well... When I last wore Libero Up&Go's was about 4 years ago. What I know is that the Up&Go size 7 is basically the same as what size 6 used to be.
    They just raised the number by one.

    Many DLs here in Finland have said that the sides are not very stretchy, and they really weren't when I last tried. Libero has also introduced a new size 8, but I don't know how big those are, haven't been able to find those yet.

    I'd suggest you find yourself some Pampers Easy Up size 6, they are also 16+ kg, very stretchy and more likely fit better.

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