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Thread: Child Abuse Among AB/DL's

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    Default Child Abuse Among AB/DL's

    It's sometimes said that we AB/DL's are the way we are because we were abused as children and want to go back to what we didn't get a chance to have. So I've put together a poll to test it. Note that verbal abuse over a long period definately counts as abuse for the purposes of this poll. If you have to ask yourself whether or not to put yourself in the abused catagory, you probably should.

    Please note that this poll is a private poll, so no worries about having your answer found out.

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    My dad can be a complete jerk (verbally) sometimes. And I was physically and verbally abused at school.

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    Bullied mercilessly through each and every year of school, I guess... And I did feel downtrodden by my parents at home, too... This probably counts. I answered yes.

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    I was verbally and physically abused too. The physical abuse wasn't anything extreme, but the fighting was bad.

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    Butterfly Mage


    The rampant, sustained abuse I received as a child certainly is responsible for giving me a dissociative disorder, but it didn't make me a DL.

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    My family treats me extremely well, for now, lets hope that is always the case o.o"
    Other people though, not so much. Then again I always feel like im a ghost walking among others lol, but to stay on topic, nope I don't think that's why im TB

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    I've always had an extremely happy home life. Sure when I was 16 I had the usual teenage shouting matches with my parents and even ended up moving out over it, but it was never abuse.

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    I was verbally abused a lot by one of my stepfathers. I don't know if that counts, but I was very young (5), so it should do. I had to put up with him being nasty (only ever verbally, never physically, please bare that in mind) for about 7 years. It was an unpleasant time in my life and I'm glad I will never see him again. It has certainly made me have trust issues (I find it hard to trust anyone, especially men), also I don't answer the door anymore, even now (unless I know who it is/expecting someone). I also hate answering the phone... Just in case. This probably contributed to my sensitive behavior as well, but I wouldn't say it really linked me with being a TB/DL at all.

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    My dad is a dick, but he is not really abusive. I personally do not see a link between child abuse and AB/TB/DL.

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    yes i guess it was a contributing factor ,i was bullied from year 2/3 to year 11 ,and i was physicaly and verbaly abused for 7 years ,by my "stepdad" ,until my mum had the curage to get rid of him ,noting the time i had my first tb/dl experence was in the timeframe i was being phisicaly abused i think it was a contributing factor.

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