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Thread: Who else feels bad for looking forward to saints row the third

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    Default Who else feels bad for looking forward to saints row the third

    On one it does seem juvenile and violent to the point of setting the respect of video games by the mainstream media back 5 years. On the other hand it looks like it will everything awesome about saints row 2 kicked up to 11. If you haven't seen the gameplay demo yet look it up on youtube. I wept tears of joy the first time I saw it.

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    Haven't really seen it or looked at any of the Saints Row games to be honest. Though I wouldn't worry about what the media thinks. How often do they rail against movies despite YEARS of movies that are nothing but violence or nothing but juvenile humor?

    If media wants to be bias to video games, I don't really care, unless they actually starting caring about movies and other arts that fall into the same categories.

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    I am looking forward to it and I don't feel bad! It's just comic violence really, plus, it's just a game! =P

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    I'm not feeling bad about it, I can't bloody well wait for it. I thought SR2 was an awesome game, so i'm looking forward to this one all the more.

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    I'm not feeling bad about it either. I love the Grand Theft Auto series, but it and a lot of other games are just trying to look 'real' and be serious and forget they are video games. I cant wait for SR3, its near the top of my long list of wanted games this fall.

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    its just a game in the end ,also i would love to get it if i do get another xbox

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    Feel bad? Nah! After saints row 2 i'm really looking forward to the 3rd plus they're amasing when you're angry. God mode on and cue random rampage

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    It's a video game. It's not real, I've seen lots of horrible stuff in movies like death scenes, dismemberment, cannibalism, etc.

    Anyways it looks like what Grand Theft Auto 4 should of been and could possibly remove Just Cause 2 as my favorite sandbox game. However the PC better not receive a broken piece of shit port this time as what happened with SR2. Otherwise I won't buy it at all if I can't play it. If SE can make JC2 run great SR 2 and likely SR3 should run about the same more or less.

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    I don't feel about it at all I agree with everyone else i can't wait for this game to come out I have always loved the SR series.

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