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Thread: Hi from a French AB/DL

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    Smile Hi from a French AB/DL

    Hello to all, I must appear very old for most of you but in my 58 year old body I am still very youg at heart and in mind.

    Since my early childhood I have remained a little boy wearing diapers that I fully use for their intended purposes under my short trousers (german leather shorts, flannel and curdoroy shorts), onesis, rompers and other little boys clothes.

    I am not a full AB although I love AB clothes and some AB play I suppose I have a DL side being sexually arroused by diapers.


    I also like (sea) sailing, real size (preferably steam ) trains a well as model trains, trail hiking and international traveling (also part of my very busy job).
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    Hi abdltinou,
    welcome to the group, as you can see from your post the mods have been busy with their scossors, so you might want to check out before your next post There is loads of infoo in there for new members.

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