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Thread: Should I be worried about leaving diapers in the car?

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    Default Should I be worried about leaving diapers in the car?

    Well its hot as hell outside and today I went in my car after it had been left in the sun for hours. It was at least 110 degrees in the car and the metal parts were way too hot to touch. Just wondering if this could cause damage to diapers I leave in the trunk of the car.

    There are no open windows to the trunk (its a sedan so its quite a closed space). I left the diapers in the box hoping that would protect the plastic bits from melting if they hit the hot metal.

    But anyway, is there like a maximum storage temperature diapers are allowed to be in?

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    honestly i dont think it should hurt them from being in the car, mostly because theyre not in direct sunlight so they wont get as hot as the other parts of the car, also i dont think a diaper would melt unless it was close to a heat of it being self combustible

    also i think somebody brought up this topic a few weeks ago

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    The adhesives used in many disposable diapers are "hot melt" (think glue gun but at higher temperatures), and could re-melt under the the high temperatures found in your car. This may make the padding shift on the backsheet, or release the elastics, but generally if the diaper is kept folded, I haven't seen any problem with elevated temperatures. After all, even glue that's melted will re-bond again once the diaper cools down.

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    If you leave your diapers in the trunk you will be OK. I keep an emergency supply of diapers and other essentials in the trunk of my car in case of a natural disaster or other emergency. I rotate the supplies every couple of months and I have not noticed any degradation or performance change in my diapers.

    Just to let you know, I live in southern California too.


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    Quote Originally Posted by ABob View Post
    I keep an emergency supply of diapers and other essentials in the trunk of my car in case of a natural disaster...
    Priorities! I want to have my backside covered when a super volcano erupts near my home!

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    I checked the packaging of M4's (which i believe you have)

    It doesn't specify anything in terms of temperature, but i would assume Abena would recommend a "cool and dry place". (like almost everything else in the world)

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    I keep my diapers (Abena's) behid the fridge (which cam get hot depending on how cold you want the stuff inside to be), and last time I checked, they were just fine. I don't think that plastic could melt at such temperatures, however the rubber potentialy could.

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    Good question. I don't have the answer. Run an experiment: take two diapers from the same package, leave on where it's cooler, and the other one in your car, for a number of days. Examine them carefully together, looking at the adhesive, condition of the plastic covering, and "stuffing."

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    I myself have previously kept diapers stored in my car for over a month at a time, I couldn't find a more suitable place to keep them so they ended up staying there for a while.
    The temperatures may not have been as hot as the trunk of your car may get (The UK isn't really that sunny most of the time ) but they remained as they were when i first purchased them and didn't notice a lack of stickiness in the tapes.
    I think for any significant effects on the diapers usablility it would have to be excessively hot in there

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    Depends on if they have tapes or hook and loop. I found that after a couple days in a hot car i have more problems with the tapes being stuck to the wrong part of the diaper when I unfold them.

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