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Thread: 'Sons of Guns' on Discovery last night

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    Default 'Sons of Guns' on Discovery last night

    Anybody else see this last night?

    I had to laugh when one of the younger guys was trying to make a 'flotation device' for a gun dropped in the marsh by hunters. One of his early research points was to take an inflatable life vest that uses a CO2 cartridge and modify it to be a smaller size to fit in the stock of the rifle. He tested his handiwork in cutting the size down by taking it outside into a tub of water and setting it off.

    The mistake was he used too big of a CO2 charge and it shoved too much pressure into his little balloon. It inflated for half a second before blowing open the seal at one end, sounding like a pistol shot. Of course, a pistol shot heard at a gun smith's shop can scare the crap out of people (outside of the test range of course). The owner, Will, looks at the guy and tells him to go to his drawing board, erase everything, and then use that as a starting point. Meanwhile, Will said it was time to, "go in and change my Huggies".

    I just had to laugh.

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    I watch Sons of Guns too (it's a great show) and I saw the episode and lolled. Will is really a funny guy, and he makes Sons of Guns one of the few good reality TV shows. Did you see the episode where they mounted 4 MG-42's together to make one super machine gun? That was epic!

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