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    I just went to rite aid and all they sell in diapers are protective underwear no fitted briefs ist that starting to happen. What kind do u prefer I like fitted briefs cause they feel and look better.

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    I don't want to say that I'm doubting you, but I go to Rite-Aid to get Depend fitted briefs regularly (as recently as a week ago...) Maybe they were just out of stock when you went there possibly? Or I guess it is a total possibility that maybe it is a smaller retail outlet and they don't have as much shelf space, and choose not to carry fitted briefs. Either way I'm sorry you weren't able to find them there. Maybe online is the way to go at the moment for you to get fitted briefs.

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    Oh maybe it was weird they had only XL fitted briefs rite aid brand and even the depends were all underwear style but I did get overnight protective underwear and so far I'm they fit really nice ill see in a little how they hold up lol at work now and I usually always try at home first so wish me luck lol

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    I think retailers are getting out of the fitted briefs gig in favour of pull ons. They realised that anyone that needs that level of protection will probably not be buying at the drug store.

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    I think you are right MasterPython. Rite-Aid just doesn't have it, nor does Walmart. They used to. I liked Eckard brand adult diapers with tapes. Now Rite-Aid took over, offering really nothing. I like Bambino brand, but that means ordering on-line. Attends plastic is o.k., but kinda cuts into the groin/leg area.

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    actually this has been an ongoing trend lately, there are less and less fitted tab briefs on the shelves places than the pull on style underpants. i think they're trying to do away with them because the the pull ons are supposedly more popular than tabbed briefs

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