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Thread: I really want a 3DS

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    Default I really want a 3DS

    So now that they lowered the price to something reasonable and games are coming out that offer much more online multi-player flexibility I was wondering if its even worth it.

    I'm not so much a fanatic of the 3D quality of the games more over than I am about the fact that new games will incorporate a new style of gameplay with online communications and interaction (which only a select amount of regular DS games do now).

    Anyway is it really worth it to get it now, or should I wait until a new model inevitably comes out, making the price of the original drop even more?

    P.S. There's no doubt in my mind that there will only be 1 model for the 3DS. When the first DS came out, DS lite slowly followed, the DSi came out with a rush, then finally DSi XL made its way into the scene right before 3DS's launch. All those systems came out in such quick succession, but is it going to last or will the current system actually take its time to sink into the hands of gamers?

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    More to the point, I'd wait until there are actually a few games out for the 3DS. At the moment, most of the games for it are the launch titles, which aren't too impressive. If you wait longer, stuff like the Professor Layton/Ace Attorney crossover and the almost inevitable Pokemon Hoenn females will be out and the console will be cheaper. At least, that's my plan anyway.

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    I just got one at the same price as a dsixl at gamestop $169.99 BEST mobile game system out there after that get the r4 hack chip for FREE games works Gr8 for me

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    In my opinion (and Hex's) there really aren't enough "strong" titles to really get too worried about buying the console right now. If you wait 6 months you should have more than enough time to catch up

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    Just looking back to the previous generation, when DS first came out, it was all the rage, even though not many good games were out yet. Once DS lite came out, there were enough titles on to make buying it very worth it.

    Just curious whether or not you guys think there might be a 3DS Lite, or whatever, is on it's way out soon.

    And yeah, I love my R4, I'm currently using one and it has not let me down, even for new titles coming out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdljosh View Post
    And yeah, I love my R4, I'm currently using one and it has not let me down, even for new titles coming out.

    I have a R4 too, but man I feel like such a douchebag using it. Also r4's suck ass these days compared to newer cards. If anyone's looking for flash card's on the DS line don't buy R4's.

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    My R4 was a gift of sorts. I don't see whats so bad about it, maybe that's a good thing, but I've been able to play every game to it's full extent save for a very select few features that usually involve DS to Wii connections. It came in really handy when I had no money and REALLY wanted to play Golden Sun Dark Dawn.

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    What hex says seems smart. I have it. I have 2 games. Zelda and nintendogs. Not much a variety. So I'd wait until theirs a bigger variety. Who knows. Maybe the price will drop.

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    The console is decent ,it has a few good games but i would wait for some more games or for it to get a few more people to buy it. The 3d function is cool and works ,so does the 3d camera which I think is brilliant ,but i played it for to long and started getting a migraine. All in all try it out before you buy it ,you might like it enough to buy it now.

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    Now that the price has dropped, I bet I will probably get one after it gets a few more games that interest me. A new Advance Wars would probably convince me to run out and buy one very, very soon. Grrr.... why have I heard nothing yet about a new Advance Wars?!

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