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Thread: Who else hates diaper euphemisms? (Warning: Includes Rant)

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    Default Who else hates diaper euphemisms? (Warning: Includes Rant)

    Diaper euphemisms can really make it a pain in the ass to shop for adult diapers.

    For Example:
    "Protective Underwear" = Pull-up diapers
    "Fitted Briefs" = Diapers with tapes
    "Incontinence Aid Aisle" = Adult Diaper Aisle

    It can be very confusing and annoying to see a pack of "Protective Underwear" and then realize it is not the tape-up variety but instead pull-up type.

    Why can't adult diapers just be called adult diapers? I understand people can get offended by associating diapers with childhood, but calling them diapers (or nappies) just makes a whole lot more sense, and prevents communication difficulties.

    To fit these euphemisms, should we change our name from ADISC to AFISC (Adult Baby/"Fitted Brief" Lover/ Incontinence Support Community)?

    How do you guys feel about the use of euphemisms in the "incontinence" industry?

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    it really doesn't bother me, just means i gotta pay more attention when buying / ordering. Changing the name from ADISC to AFISC doesn't make sense. Our community would rather call them diapers than fitted briefs, so that's what we're gonna do. we don't need to conform to what the diaper companies want...

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    Euphemisms do not bother me. Keep in mind their use. You are an independent adult who has raised children and grandchildren, or you are a young vibrant daredevil who just took a nasty spill and wake up in a hospital and find yourself in a position of not being able to make it to the bathroom in time. Such a thing as being able to use a toilet is a milestone between being a baby and growing into a child. Now that regression from adulthood to baby again is not only not desired by the a majority of the populace the idea is reviled.

    It is the dignity of the situation that allows someone to keep from saying the word diaper. That insult to injury does not have to take place with such euphemisms.

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    Well if you really want to make sure if its a pull-up or a diaper just pick up the package and turn it around to see if there are instructions for putting them on. Almost all brands have instructions for putting on the tape diapers. If your ordering online, you'll probably have to do a bit of research, but generally and almost always anything with the term "brief" especially "fitted briefs" is going to mean diaper and "pull on", "underwear", and even "pull up style" is going to mean pull up.

    Also look for key words such as "over night protection" "maximum protection" or symbols that represent absorbency and take the one with the most that matches the above terms. Yeah sometimes companies will imply that their pull ups are more absorbent then their diapers, but that really isn't true, at least for me.

    I'm also kind of confused while writing this, but what exactly are you getting confused about because it sounds like you bought a pack of what you thought was adult diapers and ended up with something that wasn't a tape on style diaper.

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    I would prefer that things be clearer but I also understand the reasons for obscuring them. The market of people who want things clear is probably a lot smaller than the ones who want them fuzzy for their own psychological comfort. I wish that they'd also be clearer about whether their products were plastic-backed or not. "Breathable" is a fine code word but it doesn't always get used.

    Within our community, I find "padding" to often be used unnecessarily, apparently for cuteness' sake. Doesn't do anything for me at all.

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    I guess in this era of political correctness the term adult diapers may offend someone so they decided to refer them as adult briefs. I still refer to them as adult diapers and because that is what they really are. Plus I also like knowing what kind of or type of diapers they are too. That is whether they are plastic or cloth covered and if they are breathable or not. I still like plastic covered diapers and ones that are not breathable.

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    Agreed 100%, doubledbbw, its all about political correctness. I have never come across anyone who outright said "fitted brief". Sometimes adult diapers are brought up in conversation. One time my grandparents asked me if I would change my parents' diapers when they got that age - they actually used the word diaper and not some euphemism. I used to work at a CVS and every now and then I would get asked "Where are the adult diapers" or "where are the incontinence things", but never "where are fitted briefs, maximum protection garments, etc" even though nowhere on the product does it say "diaper". People know what they are, and apparently where I'm from, they don't care about the political correctness of it.

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    I never had a problem picking out diapers from protective underwear. All the ones that are the diaper style usually show them on the back or have instructions on the side on how to put them on yourself or somebody else. But if you ever unsure about it, then don't buy it. Make a note and research it online to find out if it's something you'd like to try.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'm not a big fan of euphemisms in general. Their use is tantamount to a lie. For example, the term "extended economic downturn" sounds better than "The Second American Great Depression", but it doesn't change the fact that unemployment is close to 20% and that 13% of home owners are in danger of losing their homes.

    Calling a diaper a "brief", likewise, doesn't make the object not a diaper. I'd rather things be called what they really are.

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    I know what Francis is saying. Remember that he's 14 so going into a store to buy diapers is a nerve wracking thing. It is for me when I buy Goodnites, which isn't often. Sometimes I just like them. But imagine being 14, building up the courage to go "shopping", and hoping that you aren't going to see someone you know from school, or an adult who knows your parents. So now you look right and left, no one coming, and you venture down "that" aisle, the diaper aisle, and what do you get? A wide array of incontinence products stupidly refereed to. You want to swoop in there, find the best taped diapers they have, and what do you leave with but the cheapest, crappiest pull-ups because you were extremely nervous. I get it.

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